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The ever-growing number of mobile users worldwide has made it imperative for website owners to cater to mobile users. Ways to build an optimum base of mobile users for your website include creating a mobile application version of your website, creating a mobile-friendly version of your site, and optimizing your website’s performance on mobile devices. Drupal offers specific modules that make these possible. Let us take a look at these notable modules:

DrupalGap: If you want to deliver the content of your website through a mobile application, then this module is the one that you must use. Enabling the module lets you create custom-built cross-platform mobile apps for a Drupal Website. The free-of-cost module provides a cost-effective way to build mobile applications with a single set of code for a range of devices.

AMP Module:
 Large websites typically fare badly at performance when accessed through mobile devices. The AMP module solves this problem by making a Drupal website comply with the AMP (ie the Accelerated Mobile Pages module) standard.

Mobilizer: If you just want to create a mobile version of your website with ease and speed, then the Mobilizer module is the ideal choice. The module provides a graphical user interface to customize the look of your web and render it an appealing mobile-friendly look.The module particularly allows customization in terms of a variety of features such as layout, menu, pages, style, and header.

Mobile Switch: 
The module automatically switches a Drupal website to its mobile theme or re-directs its mobile website. It ideally works with the mobile detect module, which detects when your website has been accessed through a mobile device.

Today, mobile is the most widely used channel for accessing the internet. Allowing this large section of users to access your website’s content with ease has become absolutely mandatory. Fortunately, some specific Drupal Modules such as DrupalGap, AMP, Mobilizer, and Mobile Switch allow Drupal site owners to deliver website content to mobile users effectively.

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