Are you in search of the best CMS for an eCommerce platform? It would be best to count on a Drupal website company and create a profitable website. There are several reasons why Drupal is the strongest CMS option for companies of all sizes.

Do you know what’s common in the below-mentioned websites?

  1. Tesla
  2. Tyson Foods
  3. Qualcomm
  4. Pfizer
  5. PBF Energy


Well, all these organizations have their enterprise websites built on Drupal. A leading Content Management System (CMS) that covers a market share of 0.9% as of 2nd March 2022.

Why Choose Drupal Over Any Other CMS?

Drupal is a leading CMS that powers 12.8% among the top enterprise websites. It offers the flexibility to create a customized eCommerce platform with extended functionalities and scalability. Drupal has evolved over the years by providing simple to advanced features to business websites and meeting organizational objectives.

Several valid reasons make Drupal CMS a primary choice for many Fortune 500 companies. It further appears to be your best choice of platform to develop a profitable retail store.

Before getting started with the reasons, check out some interesting facts related to Drupal CMS.

7 Interesting Facts About Drupal Every Website Owner Should Know

  1. More than 1.7 million websites use Drupal CMS.
  2. Drupal covers 3.24% of the top 1 million websites.
  3. Drupal 9 version has been installed more than 100,000 times.
  4. Over 600,000 Drupal sites are active.
  5. Around 47,350 Drupal modules can be downloaded for free.
  6. Chaos is the most installed Drupal module having 11,584,746 approximate downloads.
  7. The Drupal Community has approximately 1.3 million members.

Key Reasons to Choose Drupal for Your Enterprise

  1. Drupal Is a Particular Web Experience Management System

Drupal is simple to integrate third-party tools that make it above the rising competition in the technical sphere. It offers the flexibility to provide a web experience management system and the ability to integrate a customer relationship management (CRM) system. For example, you can integrate Salesforce and inbound marketing tools with the Drupal CMS to carry out marketing and operational activities.

  1. Customer-Centric and Personalized User Experience

Drupal platform stays ahead of the competition by providing a customer-centric and personalized user experience. From a customer perspective, you can implement a specific product showcase with customized content and features. On the other side, semi-tech professionals can seamlessly operate the CMS with ease and make the best out of operational ease.

  1. Highly Extensible Via APIs

A content management system like Drupal has direct access to an extensive line of APIs to enhance integration and functionality. It is an essential ingredient for your business to introduce new functionalities. Here, are some of the APIs to connect with the Drupal CMS.

* JSON API: It is a specialized module for the CMS to enable communication and sterilization-related APIs.

* RESTful Web Services API: It allows communication between native mobile apps and a Drupal site with no hassle at all.

* Translation API: This particular API allows you to adjust a particular language on your eCommerce site.

  1. Integrate Well with Google Analytics

Starting an eCommerce site is not enough until you enhance the visibility and traction across the target audience. Drupal CMS assists in having a close look at several marketing efforts by integrating with the Google Analytics tool. It allows you to collect customer data, preferences, and other interests to customized your marketing activities. Add related content on the site with the help of this CMS and meet organizational goals.

  1. Drupal Works Well According to Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO is a result-oriented technique to write and straightforwardly add human-oriented content. Drupal Metatags module allows adding keyword enriched Meta Title and Meta description to site. The module further helps shape up the content posted on Social media channels in a personalized way to gain optimum traction.

Additional Reasons to Count on Drupal

* Drupal is a highly secured content management system owing to its updated security modules and patches. Enhanced security is one of the reasons pioneer government websites like the White House, National Institute of Standards and Technology, etc., utilized Drupal CMS.

* The CMS offers extensive community support to enterprises. It has more than 1.4 million dedicated and skilled developers that contribute to the overall development of CMS.

* Drupal excels in enriching the eCommerce business to an optimum extent. It integrates well with startups to big corporate retail businesses to create a profitable platform and further scale it up.

* It is a scalable content management system. The CMS has default configuration settings to automatically cache webpages of your retail site and be visible on the web.


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Final Note

Drupal is a free and innovative content management system that offers a robust set of functionalities and ease to get started with an eCommerce. Even the most prevalent brands of the world rely on Drupal to set up a result-oriented CMS. You can count on this CMS to get started with your eCommerce business journey and scale up to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does Drupal Works for eCommerce?

Drupal is a dedicated content management system that features an extensive range of modules and helps create an eCommerce platform. Using Drupal as a framework, you can create an online retail store, add products, a payment gateway, and several functionalities.

  1. Is Drupal Better than WordPress?

To start an eCommerce platform and scale up to new heights, Drupal is much better than WordPress. It offers an extensive range of personalized functionalities and WordPress has certain limitations. Thus, you can rely on Drupal to start and grow your retail business.

  1. What is the Latest Version of Drupal?

Drupal 9.4.0 is the latest version. It is scheduled to release in June 2022


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