Drupal is an acclaimed CMS platform that offers a whole range of features for creating custom business websites and applications. It is particularly appreciated for its flexibility when it comes to dealing with custom post types. It also offers a high degree of control over the users and their permissions with its advanced user management and permission settings. Furthermore, it is capable of handling multilingual sites out-of-the-box.

Combined with a range of other features such as top-notch security, excellent scalability, and a detailed taxonomy system, Drupal emerges as a great choice for businesses looking for result-oriented enterprise websites. If you are still confused whether you should approach a Drupal Development Company for having your business website developed, here is a list of sites that are best created with this platform.

1. Social Networking Website:- Drupal makes one of the best CMS platforms for social networking websites. The credit goes to its outstanding interface which provides a robust user management and permission system. Furthermore, the platform also brings some powerful modules that render ease into social networking development.

2. E-commerce Store:- Drupal also serves as a good choice for creating feature-rich e-commerce stores because it is robust, customizable, and caters a full range of functionalities. It comes with features and modules that facilitate the multitude of e-commerce essentials such as integration of multiple payment gateways, role management, SEO compatibility, order management tools, and secured checkout. Additionally, Drupal responsive capabilities ensure seamless performance across diverse devices and platforms.

3. News Portal Website:- If you are planning to create a news portal site or an online magazine site, this is a CMS that you can trust. By using Views and CCK, you can create different post types and also list them as per your preference. Several major news sites across the globe are created with Drupal, with names like The Economist, Forbes, Fox News Magazine, and CNNGO on the list.

4. File Storage Website:- Essentially, these are the websites meant for efficient client files management. Since you would want to have extensive control over the files stored on the website, Drupal serves as a good choice for this type of site. The availability of modules such as ‘Web File Manager’, ‘MediaMover’, and ‘Filebrowser’ also make it an apt selection. Foldershare, a data organization and file sharing module for Drupal 8 makes Drupal 8 Development preferable for creating file storage websites.

5. Blogging Network Website:- Building a blogging network with this platform is quite simple as it comes with a built-in blog module specifically meant for creating engaging and appealing blogs. There is no need for additional modules for the same but the CMS still has some great ones to organize the content and increase engagement. These include Pathauto, Taxonomy, Views, Disqus, and Social Media modules.

6. Image Sharing Website:- Next on the list of sites that can be created with Drupal is image sharing websites which users can use for sharing images. What really matters for such sites is the quality of images to be shared. The CMS offers the powerful Image module that enables the creation of image-based websites such as Flickr.

7. Video Sharing Website:- Video sharing sites is extremely resource intensive and needs a platform that can handle its extensive requirements. Drupal fits in well as it integrates seamlessly with CCK and facilitates the conversion of the videos into FLV. This enables the users to share videos on the websites. Additionally, the CMS comes with tools such as ‘Media Mover’ and ‘SWF’ that support video sharing.

8. Enterprise Web Applications:- Drupal also supports high-power enterprise applications that are capable of handling huge data volumes and driving automation within organizations. Also, the multi-site feature of the CMS makes it right for enterprise-grade applications that look for drastic site counts. A single code base can be leveraged among numerous sites that have their own database and configuration settings so that every site has unique content, themes, and modules.

Conclusion:- In a nutshell, Drupal comes forth as a powerful CMS platform with immense capabilities for creating simple websites to intricate web applications, depending on the requirements of a business. All that you need to do is to engage an expert application development partner that understands your requirements and comes up with solutions to match. At Drupal India, we are a leading provider that caters a complete range of services, from development, design, migration, upgrade, and Drupal maintenance and support. Discuss your requirements with us and we will create the right kind of Drupal site for you.

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