why Upgrade To Drupal 8

Still Using Drupal 7? Here is Why You Should Consider Upgrading To The Newer Version.

Drupal 8 has been making waves way before its launch in November 2015. Now, almost a year later, there still exist several websites which have not been updated to the latest version. The reluctance of website owners to upgrade, mainly, has stemmed from two reasons:

1. Owners are simply not aware of the powerful features of the new version.
2. Several contributed modules have been incompatible with the latest version.

Fortunately, around this time many contributed modules compatible with the latest version have been released, thereby, making it relatively easy for website owners to migrate to the new version. As for the first reason, here is our effort to make website owners aware of the compelling features of the latest version:

A Better Theming Engine:- Theming engine is a medium through which a theme interacts with the Drupal core. The new version offers an improved theming engine called Twig which is faster, more secure, extensible, and flexible.

In-Built Responsiveness:- 
All themes of the new version are responsive, ultimately reducing the time, work and, money to make a theme responsive. Moreover, the admin toolbar provided by the new version is also responsive, making it easy for website owners to administer their site from their mobile devices.

Better Performance:- 
The latest version offers automatic caching of site entities, thereby ensuring a faster loading speed.

Better Security:- The Symfony framework and the secure theming engine,Twig offer a better overall security to a site built on Drupal 8.

Simplified Authoring:- 
The process of authoring has been simplified with the provision of a WYSIWYG editor in the core of the latest version which was previously a contributed module for other versions.

Faster Edits:- The new version makes it possible for admins to edit site content from the front-end of their website, paving way for faster edits.

Use Of Latest Technologies:- The latest version makes use of the latest technologies in the market, aligning itself to the standards of PHP 7 and employing excellent external libraries such as Composer, PHPUnit, and Guzzle.

Automated Testing:- 
The front-end JavaScript code of a Drupal 8 Website can be automatically tested, thereby, saving the time of your testing team.

Better Accessibility:- The latest version comes with a stronger support to WAI-ARIA, making it possible for the creation of more accessible websites.

Considering the above-mentioned Features of Drupal 8, upgrading your website to the new version will certainly prove to be beneficial.

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