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The newly released Drupal 8 has various astounding features that everyone would find beneficial. It has truly set a standard for ease in use, offers novelty in deploying the content on the web, data display on mobile device, and meet multilingual demands.

The Highlights of Drupal 8 Features are as Follows:

Responsiveness: One may conveniently use the themes, administrative pages from any of the mobile devices working on various platforms.

Multilingual Capabilities: With Drupal 8, one may transfer anything with built-in user interface, language filtering, views in built pages, block visibility, automated translation updates, and, etc.

Tracking: One may track all the significant configuration and revision made with respect to content, fields or views. The configured data could be stored in separate files.

Accessibility: It supports standard accessibility technologies which includes WAI-ARIA. There are improvements in font sizes, color contrast, optimal experience for the visitors, access for output, views UI and more.

Easy Editing: One may easily edit the content even without using the full form, save drafts, deploy content as and where required.

Use of Twig: It uses the adaptable and secure template engine, Twig for PHP. This increases the aesthetic and functional aspect of the site.

Easy Customization: The add-on module, views is an integral part of the core CMS here. Thus, one may easily customise the front page, create custom admin page, custom filters and actions.

Meets Industry Standard: It has more modern object-oriented code, latest PHP standards, leverage best external libraries, and, etc.

Enhanced Field Power: There are additional field types in core. For instance, link, date, e-mail, comments, and, etc.

HTML 5 Markup: Drupal 8 include HTML 5 as it makes a fully functional website and is compatible with mobile screens.

All these features highlights mobile intuitiveness. In brief, Drupal 8 is mobile friendly and has mobile first approach. To avail all these benefits for your Drupal business website, you need to consider migration to the innovative version. For this, you will require the services of an Expert Drupal Developers. At Drupal India, we offer a complete range of services including Drupal Upgrade and Migration. Get in touch to avail expert services at competitive prices.

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