An overview of how to create a website for online banking

Remember, in the past, you used to go to the bank with your parents/grandparents. And you used to sit or remain in the queue hanging tight for your turn. The financial cycle used to be long to the point that you used to endure one to two hours waiting for your turn so you can request that your parents take you to the market. *chuckles* . At that time, we were away from the light of the fact with the banking and finance website development

Presently, the golden period is over. Now, no one possesses such a lot of energy to look for information connected with bank passbooks, checks, or some other inquiries by visiting the bank physically.

These days people are opting for online services to reduce the hassle of waiting in the queue. Also, according to market predictions online marketing will reach $31.81 billion by 2027.

keeping all these in mind, it’s crucial to have your internet-based presence with the goal that one can easily get the details from wherever they feel like.

With a digital platform, one can use the tech anytime and from any place. We are pretty much sure you must be thinking about, how I indulge in banking website development.

We might want to let you know when a customer takes a gander at any site of the bank, they first really take a look at two things: they search for a choice that features their balance, and secondly, they search for financial exchanges that occur in their record. So, we would suggest you keep these things while you create your website.

Today, we will examine the fundamental highlights that you should keep while getting banking and finance website development:

banking and finance website development

Know Your Requirements

Understanding fintech website development requirements should be your top priority. Scale up as per your needs, ask questions, and what sort of web do you need? You need your website to be interactive or would like to keep it simple. You would want to have a full-proof security system for your customer. The questions can be never-ending but it’s always good to have a few of the answers ready.


Understand your budget, because your budget decides the outlook of your overall website. Think from the consumer’s point of view, what you require as a customer from the banking website development firm

Make sure to value your customer’s time as much as you value yours. Have a website that can save time in a jiffy.

So, before designing make sure to get indulge in various questions and then move with the development process.


Having the right tools for development is crucial. You need to showcase every tiny detail, like having a good quality picture, and a full-focused unique logo. Ask questions to yourself, do you have a social site with proper tools that can clear the doubts of your audience?

Make sure to make mock-ups before developing any site.

Unique Domain Name

A domain name acts as a brand value for your banking website. The domain is an address that appears on the internet. You can purchase your name and can use it for a lifetime without any worries. There are many companies that also resell their domain names to provide ease to new businesses.

Web Hosting

A website is a compilation of various window files. And those files are ‘live’ on every platform. Banking and finance website development companies rent servers that can store files of your website and make sure that everything goes to your website.

Web Software

A website usually consists of variant files. Also, it’s not important that your website needs software like CMS to keep all the required data in one place.

Select Your Website Template

You can easily develop your website by finding the perfect pre-prepared template.

While you’re looking for a pre-prepared template, make sure to keep these things in mind: 

  • There are mock designs and logos.
  • Look for a layout.
  • Look a step away from the homepage. Look for inside pages.
  • Templates can easily be reproduce as a Drupal theme. So, it’s always better to convert templates to Drupal.
  • If you’re looking for a pre-developed layout then make sure to devote money and time to renovating it.

Re-edit Your Content

Once, you know your functionality it’s great to start looking for the other substances. Now, you know that your website has covered all the crucial aspects of the fintech website development process. Then, make sure to check your content, and make sure that your content is creative and easy to understand. Always try to showcase interactive content. This way you can always get recognition and people will remember you for the unique delivery of your work.

Look for Unique Designs

Use Drupal+ this can make your whole process easy. With InMotion’s BoldGrid tool, you can easily catch and drop the functionalities of Drupal, and through it, you can edit and customize it.

For banks, it’s always good to locate pages and keep your banking needs on top. Keep in mind, that most of your customers are using a mobile device. So, have an easy login and keep less navigation. Thus, you’ll end with an easy-to-use web page.

Advertise Your Web

Now, that’s the most crucial part. Marketing your product or brand can be the most difficult thing to do. Also, you cannot opt for long-term marketing without having a proper website. But now that you will be developing a perfect website, you’ll be able to advertise your bank more precisely.

Try coming up with offers, like debit card offers, free credit card offers, premium bank members, etc.

Pro-tip: We would like to share some tips and tricks that can enhance your bank website to a few extents.

If you add features like, FAQs, blogs, testimonials, sections, growth statistics, cashback offers, personalized gifts, and dropping advice and suggestions related to the banking sector, can overall enhance your trust and build the presence to the next level. Also, you can add a button that can locate the customer to the bank’s app.

Conclusion: If you want to include all the features listed above in the fintech website development process then you can contact Drupal India. We have experienced developers who can create your website quickly and easily as per your needs.


What is a banking website?

The banking website is an online feature of your physical bank. Where through software you can easily access your bank details. Transaction-related, balance-related information can be located through a few clicks.

How do online banking websites work?

With online banking, you can perform all the transactions that you perform at a physical bank. Here, you can do all the transactions electronically— with the bank website or mobile app.

Why does a bank need a website?

Online banking transactions ease most of the work. You do not have to walk down to the bank for every little stuff. You can easily build your relationship with the customers.

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