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Since its inception almost two decades ago, Drupal has come a long way and has emerged as one of the strongest contenders on the CMS landscape. From personal websites to e-commerce stores, social networking sites, and community web portals, Drupal comes up as an ideal choice for a variety of solutions for businesses. As an open source framework, the CMS serves as a cost-effective option as well.

The fact that it powers millions of websites and applications is enough to reiterate the prowess of this amazing framework. No wonder a majority of businesses, small and large, are looking for a Drupal Development Company to grow and handle their digital presence successfully. Here are some benefits of this CMS that makes it stand apart in the online landscape.

Extensive Customization:- Drupal is an extensively customizable platform that enables developers to build customized applications to replicate business brands. In fact, they will be spoilt by choice in terms of design, layout, features, and operations for creating unique online presence for businesses. This means that you can overcome the lack of flexibility as with other frameworks that have fixed templates.

Multiple Content Solutions:- Another benefit of this CMS is the wide range of content solutions it serves, thus enabling the addition of different content types on the site. It empowers the users to create and manage diverse content types. Including blogs, polls, videos, stats, and podcasts. Plus, it offers robust design elements that help the developers to create rich and interactive applications.

Rapid Deployment:- Businesses look for innovative features and functionalities to build cutting-edge websites that are capable of taking them to the next level. The best thing about Drupal is that it offers rapid deployment because of its modular approach. This means that the new features and functionalities are easy to implement in the applications built on this CMS.

Supports Digital Initiatives:- As the business landscape changes rapidly, agility is the mantra to success. Consumer demands evolve and trends surface on the horizon and those who cannot keep pace lose. Drupal is a platform that assists you in digital initiatives as it supports innovative technologies like Big Data, mobile-first experiences, and transformative social experiences.

Massive Scalability:- As businesses grow, their challenges and requirements grow as well and so does their customer base. By opting for Drupal CMS, you can build a massively scalable website that can start at five pages and grow upto five thousand pages without any glitches. It is easy to manage performance and security parameters despite the growth of the site. Further, there are no licensing hassles involves for scaling because of the open-source nature of the CMS.

Community Support:- An extensive community support is another key benefit of Drupal. Right from the beginning, the CMS has been accumulating a huge community of developers who contribute consistently to its growth. They have been engaged in Drupal Module Development to empower the platform with better features and functionalities. Further, users can avail the community’s assistance for troubleshooting and support whenever they need it.

Easy Authoring Experience:- Next on the list of Drupal benefits is the fact that it renders a super quick and easy authoring experience. The WYSIWYWG editor that it features makes it easier for the user to understand the output of the code. Additionally, it provides in-context and in-line editing feature which eases the process of editing and managing the content.

SEO-Compatibility:- Search Engine Optimization lies at the heart of digital marketing strategy for businesses today as it is impossible to survive unless your website ranks on top of searches. Drupal offers a powerful interface that facilitates the creation of search engine optimized sites. It is easy to modify pages and make them SEO-friendly by adding elements such as keywords, meta descriptions, heading tags, and more. Further, the responsive nature of the CMS makes it optimized for mobile devices as well.

Drupal CMS is a value-proposition for businesses that want to establish their websites. Besides being open-source, it has strengthened its reputation for its security and dependability, with consistent updates and security patch releases. For e-commerce businesses too, it delivers all that is expected from the development platform. From supporting the SEO initiative to enabling seamless integration of payment gateways, driving excellence in design interface, and more, there is a lot that Drupal can facilitate for your website.

Drupal India is a leading agency that delivers a complete range of services, ranging from design, development, upgrade, migration, support, and more. We cater Drupal 8 Development services as well to assist businesses that want to explore the possibilities of this new version of the CMS. Connect with us with your requirements and we will have an application to match.

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