Ecommerce websites are very different from normal websites. They are equipped with out-of-the-box functionalities that facilitate a seamless online shopping experience. To efficiently manage the backend processes of your ecommerce website, you need to use a robust content management system. There are several options available when you go out looking for a new content management system. In this blog post, we will discuss why Drupal is the best choice for ecommerce businesses. We’ll give you strong reasons why Drupal ecommerce development will be your decision for your online store. 

But before that, let’s first understand the key ecommerce requirements that you need to consider when choosing a CMS. 


Key Ecommerce Requirements You Need to Consider 

1. Enhanced Shopping Cart 

Creating an enhanced shopping cart with a secured single-page checkout process can eliminate complexity and inconvenience, and boost conversion rate. 

2. Flexible Return Policy 

Ensure that your return policy is easily found and understood by customers. Creating a trustworthy and flexible return policy can increase sales. 

3. Mobile-friendly Website 

With the rise in M-Commerce, creating a mobile-responsive website design is the best way to drive more mobile traffic to your online store.

4. Highly-customizable Themes 

Easy-to-customize themes will help save a lot of time and money while creating an eCommerce website. Customizable themes are equipped with all the essential features. You can add more functionalities later on if required. 

5. Content Management 

Product description and blogging help your customers to know more about your business and products/services. Therefore, it is important to give clear and relevant content about the product/services and business. A content management system helps your customers to know about your brand creation story. 

6. Email Marketing Tools 

Creating personalized emails can boost customer conversion rates. So, having an integrated email marketing tool is a must for eCommerce businesses. 

7. Social Media Integration 

An in-built social media integration tool can help eCommerce businesses to promote products to a wider audience easily and cost-effectively. 

8. Third-party Shipment Integration 

Seamless shipping and fast delivery can make customers use the services frequently. Integrating dedicated third-party shipment service providers can help you increase your customer base. 

9. Customer Support and User Interface 

Good customer experience helps in retaining your existing customers and improving sales. Providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface will allow your customers to find instant support when needed. 

10. Product Comparison and User-generated Reviews 

Allowing your buyers to post a review and showing detailed product comparisons helps build trust in your brand. Positive customer reviews help to increase eCommerce sales. 

So, these are some of the key eCommerce requirements that you need to consider when selecting a new CMS for your online store. Drupal is a robust eCommerce platform that comes with all the essential functionalities required to successfully start and run your eCommerce business. 

As a leading company for Drupal website development in India, we offer end-to-end Drupal eCommerce development services and solutions catering to startups, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. 

There are many good reasons to hire Drupal developers for your online store. Some of the common ones will be discussed below. But first, let us introduce you to Drupal if you’re new to the CMS. 

What is Drupal? 

Drupal is a free, PHP-based, open-source web content management system distributed under the GNU General Public License. The CMS serves as an open-source back-end framework for at least 14% of the top 10,000 websites across the globe, ranging from personal blogs to corporate, eCommerce, publishing, political, and government sites. 

Now, let’s understand why businesses should consider opting for Drupal eCommerce development. 

Why Drupal Ecommerce Development? 


Drupal is free of any licensing costs and therefore, it significantly reduces the cost of Drupal development in India, more specifically. There are several reasons why you should opt for Drupal eCommerce development. Some of the major ones are listed below: 

1. Out-of-the-Box Functionalities 

Drupal Commerce is equipped with advanced and effective functionalities like graphics, polls management, etc. helping the developers to create advanced websites efficiently. Drupal also allows you to use forums, videos, photos, and event calendars on your website. Additionally, its multi-user functionality makes Drupal useful if you’re building an enterprise-grade website. 

2. Capitalize on Content and Personalization 

Content is the king in the digital marketing landscape. Drupal provides various content features such as in-place editing, page modifications, content moderation, and content sharing. By merging Drupal eCommerce with its content capabilities, you can build content-driven and compelling websites. 

Also, the combination of Drupal’s exceptional capabilities and powerful third-party personalization engines (AI and rule-based) can enable your website to deliver real-time, personalized content to known and anonymous users. 

Quality content creation can also improve your search engine ranking, which in turn will drive more organic traffic and increase conversions. 

3. Greater Website Customization  

There are several customizable Drupal eCommerce themes that can offer a quick start to website design and development. Since Drupal is maintained by the passionate developers of the Drupal community, there are over 80 eCommerce modules that you can use. This also keeps Drupal lightweight for a fast-loading website. 

With Drupal Commerce, you can customize product pages and types, along with order types and checkout flows. You can even offer different types of promotions with a range of conditions and coupons. 

Besides, Drupal Commerce also allows you to sell products/services that customers can then customize themselves. For example, marketing materials, event registrations, and so on. Drupal commerce shipping also allows you to set rules for shipping methods, calculations, flows, and fulfillment.  

4. Data-driven Decision-making 

Drupal eCommerce development ensures data-driven decision-making. The platform offers seamless integration with third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc. to support data-driven marketing efforts. Using customizable dashboards, you can gain insights into your various business functions like products, inventory, warehouse, shipment, etc. 

Knowing about your customer behavior, site usage patterns, and purchase history can help you strengthen your strategy to earn higher ROI. 

5. Easy Multi-store Management 

Multi-store management becomes easy with Drupal as it doesn’t require a complex setup. You can use different configurations and functionalities between multiple stores smoothly. Likewise, Drupal helps developers to use different databases and domain names under a single codebase and server. Hence, businesses can quickly generate reports based on the stores or domains. This is one of the major reasons why businesses prefer to hire Drupal developers. 

6. Enhance Website Performance and SEO 

Higher site performance and page ranking are crucial for any eCommerce business. Drupal is a lightweight CMS that ensures fast page loading and enhanced site performance. 

Drupal focuses on the customizable, global performance, and on-site SEO key parameters such as image optimization, schema management, lazy loading, etc. to meet core web vitals standards. 

Furthermore, Drupal offers core modules to help you build a multi-lingual website for your international customers. Your website can offer content in the customer’s preferred language based on their IP address, browsing sessions, etc. The multi-lingual support feature on your website helps in improving your SEO ranking.  

As a leading company for Drupal development in India, we have vast experience in building websites with multiple language support. 

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7. Implementation of Headless/Decoupled Ecommerce 

Another reason why you should opt for Drupal eCommerce development is the implementation of headless eCommerce. For enhanced content delivery speed, Drupal can be developed as a headless and decoupled CMS. With the help of REST API for interaction, Drupal can be implemented as a stand-alone eCommerce system from the presentation layer. 

This makes Drupal fast and flexible while offering developers the choice to test new micro modules to improve the user experience and offer relevant personalized content. 

9. Mobile-first Design 

Drupal eCommerce development allows you to meet mobile-first design needs. With Drupal, it is extremely easy to make your eCommerce website responsive to all its users, including your editors and marketers. 

In today’s digital age, consumers prefer sites that open perfectly on their mobile devices. A mobile-first design ensures an enhanced user experience which significantly impacts your engagement rate, conversions, and SEO ranking. The more your customers use your website, the more revenue you will generate.  

10. Easy Payment Gateway Integration 

Over 125 global payment gateways can be seamlessly integrated with Drupal Commerce. So, your customers can make payments using their preferred payment options. Drupal also offers tax calculations that include support for Value-Added Tax (VAT) for transactions carried out in countries around the world. 

There are useful Drupal eCommerce modules that help in delivering exceptional customer experiences. For example, Currency supports currency conversion and price display, and Commerce Stripe allows customers to pay securely without being redirected to an external payment site. This is another reason to choose Drupal eCommerce development for your project. 

As a reputed provider for Drupal website development in India, we offer seamless payment integration service for Drupal eCommerce websites. Get in touch with us for professional Drupal support offered by experts. 

11. Customer Data Privacy and Protection 

Data privacy and protection is one of the major concerns of any eCommerce business owner. Customers are becoming very cautious about their data safety. 

Drupal, as an open-source CMS, keeps security as its top priority. There are stringent coding standards along with a dedicated security team. Drupal also adheres to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards for ensuring high-end security. 

Drupal Commerce comes with built-in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to protect customers’ personal data. Moreover, Drupal contributed and custom modules disallow non-standard activities like XSS and SQL injection. 

The Drupal developer community helps in ensuring the highest security with regular software updates that comes with bug fixes and security patches. So, you can ensure enhanced security with Drupal eCommerce development. 

Final Thought on Drupal Ecommerce Development 

So, these are some of the strong reasons why you should opt for Drupal eCommerce development. With the right guidance and expertise, you can build a robust and scalable store using Drupal Commerce that earns higher ROI for your business. 

If you’re ready to use services in Drupal development in India, Drupal India is here to help. We have years of experience in developing scalable Drupal eCommerce websites within the shortest timeframe. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements. 

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Q.1. What is Drupal module development? 

Ans. A Drupal module is a file containing PHP, JS, or CSS files written to build functionality or feature for websites. By installing these modules, you can add features and functionality to your website. Drupal offers contributed modules for common website functionalities. As a leading Drupal eCommerce development company, we can help you with custom module development and integration services to add new functionalities to your website. 

Q.2. How the Drupal community can help me? 

Ans. The large and active Drupal community helps Drupal developers to a great extent from comprehensive documentation to solving questions to fixing bugs to many more for Drupal eCommerce development.  

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