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Are you in dilemma which Drupal hosting solution deems fit as per your business requirements?

Well, you are not the only one facing this issue. Many like you have across the same road as you do and i.e., of choosing the result-oriented Drupal hosting solution provider.

So, we are here to assist you with selecting the right hosting service and then hire expert Drupal developers to make necessary customizations on the eCommerce store.

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A. Why Do you Need Drupal Site Hosting?

B. 5 Tips to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Drupal Site

B.1. Type of Drupal Hosting Plan

B.2. Hosting Security

B.3. Speed & Reliability

B.4. Drupal Support & Maintenance

B.5. Upgrade Plans

C. Best Drupal Website Hosting Providers of 2021-2022

D. Final Thoughts

Why Do you Need Drupal Site Hosting Solution?

As you know already, a website hosting solution is something that allows you to rent some space on the internet to showcase your files.

Concerning Drupal web hosting, you also need an optimum level of space on the internet to showcase your eCommerce products to customers. And, ultimately allow customers to purchase from you.

Top reasons Drupal web hosting helps your site function appropriately.

* Hosting offers easy installation of the updates.

* Adding Drupal to the hosting plan is free of cost activity.

* Special Drupal hosting and the site are compatible with each other.

* Experience dual technical resources from Drupal’s and hosting solution’s side.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Web Hosting for your Drupal Site

1. Type of Drupal Hosting Plan

The first step of selecting the ideal hosting plan for the Drupal platform starts with screening different types & then selecting the one.

* Shared Hosting Plan: From the name itself, it is clear that this web hosting plan is something you share with others. Although, you have a dedicated space for your website to showcase all the products. However, the space is limited that makes this hosting plan appropriate for small to medium size companies.

* Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting) Plan: It is a private hosting plan that only you have the right over and that too at a slightly increased set of costs. There is no shared hosting process among other companies. You have the right to run your website on the dedicated space flexibly and accordingly.

* Cloud Hosting: This hosting plan relies on multiple servers’ support. If one server gets overloaded with several websites, then the other one is ready to support. Moreover, it does not offer any downtime or malfunction. Therefore, Cloud hosting plan is also ideal for medium and small scale retail enterprises.

* Dedicated Server Hosting: In comparison with all three mentioned Drupal hosting plans that rely more or less on shared resources. Dedicated server hosting allows you to have your own server and space. Especially for companies for whom budget is not a constraint, then dedicated server hosting is an apt choice to avail unlimited growth possibilities, speed, efficiency, and reliability.

2. Hosting Security

Undoubtedly, security has of utmost concern while setting up an eCommerce website based on Drupal CMS. In terms of selecting the hosting plan as well, you need to consider the security infrastructure of the service based on the following factors.

The hosting provider must offer:

* Monitoring systems

* Firewalls

* Pro-safety functionalities

* Automated generated backup capabilities

* Less vulnerable to data attacks or security leakage

3. Speed & Reliability

Choosing an appropriate Drupal web hosting plan also depends on the reliability and speed-related factors. It must offer the reliability of no or less downtime of the website to avoid causing shopping disruption among customers. Generally, an ideal hosting plan must offer 99.5% server uptime and not less than that.

Speed is another factor to consider while finalizing one web hosting. Your plan must offer a quick response time to access the website in a hassle-free manner.

4. Drupal Support & Maintenance

Undoubtedly, taking the dedicated support and maintenance from a hosting service provider is an important consideration to look after. However, those providers that claim to offer 24/7 support, sometimes make false promises. It is due to the fact that Drupal hosting support relies on the communication compatibility between the provider and you as a company. Sometimes, they do not offer support on weekends, holidays, or any other occasion. So, it better is to read the service level agreement before.

5. Upgrade Plans

It is essential to avail of the hosting service that offers end-to-end upgrading service. However, not all service providers promise that. So, you need to read the service agreement carefully before deciding on the same.

You need to have the required updates ready for the hosting solution to see a new set of features as per changing technology.

Best Drupal Hosting Providers of 2021-2022

To safeguard your efforts and time to juggle across an extensive list of Drupal web hosting providers. Here, we have the tried and tested list of hosting options of 2021 and that will continue to dominate in 2022.

* Bluehost

* GoDaddy

* Hostinger

* DreamHost

* SiteGround

* A2Hosting

* GreenGeeks

* IONOS (1 & 1) Hosting

* InMotion Hosting

* HostPapa

Final Thoughts

Now, you might have got a clear idea as to how to proceed towards a result-oriented web hosting service plan. Once decided, then starts building your website with the support of the top Drupal web development company i.e., DrupalIndia without going anywhere else. This company has successful expertise in helping small to large scale companies develop a robust, interactive, and user-friendly eCommerce website based on Drupal CMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Drupal Hosting?

Drupal hosting is something that promises compatibility with the CMS based on the Drupal platform. It provides a dedicated space on the internet for the website to showcase particular or all webpages with having relevant content of eCommerce products.

2. How to Host a Drupal Site?

Follow the simple steps to host your Drupal site.

* Download the installation file from Drupal.

* Create the settings. PHP, & files directory for the install.

* Set up the webserver.

* Create a Database for the Drupal installation.

* Run the Drupal installation script.

3. Which is the Most Cost-Effective Hosting Plan?

Shared web hosting is affordable among all, in case you have budget constraints. It offers limited space for small to medium scale enterprises to seamlessly run their website.

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