Drupal Design and Development

Over the years, Drupal has emerged as one of the most reliable web development platforms. Its rich features and functionalities make it a winner. The platform offers amazing flexibility as it can be used to customize a website according to the business requirements. Yet there are some things that can be done to make the Drupal-based websites more consistent, secure, and user-friendly. 

Here are The Best Practices For Drupal Website Design and Development

Comprehending The Business Requirements:- When it comes to Drupal Development, it is vital to comprehend the specific requirements of the business before starting. The developer needs to have clarity about the website layout, its functionality, content type, and fields required so that he can deliver a perfect solution.

Planning And Wire framing:- 
After the website requirements have been properly understood, the developer has to plan and wire frame the project before proceeding further. The task encompasses deciding the basic architecture of the website in context of placement of its elements across the pages. It has to be ensured that the website turns out to be aesthetically consistent and mobile responsive. Drupal brings a powerful set of tools that facilitate development of a robust website, but nothing can work out without careful planning.

Using Modules Sparingly:- Another best practice for drupal web design and development is to use modules sparingly. The platform does have a wide array of modules to offer but installing too many of them can compromise with the site speed. It can hamper the user experience too. Therefore, it is better to install only those which are absolutely necessary.

Using A Separate Database Server:- Drupal is a resource-intensive platform as it stores all the configurations and content in the database. This can exert a lot of pressure on the server. For this reason, using a separate database server is recommended for Drupal websites.

Backing Up:- Taking regular backups is the best security practice that Drupal Developers need to follow. Backups apply to the web server files as well as the database. They make a website secure as data and files can be recovered anytime if the site crashes.

Being Upgrade Ready:-
 The job of developers does not end with creating a website but extends beyond that. They have to make sure that the site is upgrade-ready so that it meets the needs of the future. As a platform Drupal comes up with regular upgrades and the websites have to be evaluated and upgraded accordingly.

Adopting these Drupal best practices can help a developer come up with a site that is secure, functional, and visually consistent all the way. Such a website is capable of taking the business to the next level.

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