Why Should You Hire Remote Drupal Developers amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

Looking for some positive news amid the coronavirus outbreak? We have some good news for you! Drupal website development during this global pandemic continues as this has opened new perspectives. One of the distinguishable traits of a good web development company is that it becomes stronger in tough times. Read on to learn why it’s a good idea to hire remote Drupal developers for your Drupal development project during the Corona crisis.

Benefits of Outsourcing Drupal Website Development Project

We have a pool of Drupal talents with a great level of remote workflows. Finding a Drupal developer who will meet all your requirements can be a much more successful task if you expand your search across the globe and hire overseas. Moreover, hiring Drupal developers from countries like India can be fruitful for business owners as Drupal development companies based in India offer high-quality Drupal development services at much cheaper costs than those in other countries. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you outsource your Drupal development project:

1. Considerable Cost Savings

If you hire Drupal developers from other countries like India, you can save considerable development costs. Moreover, outsourcing your project instead of hiring in-house teams can help you save a lot of money in the recruitment process, monthly wages, work equipment and tools, and so on. When you outsource Drupal website development overseas, you only get your services as and when required.

2. Diversified Skill Set

By outsourcing Drupal web development, you get a chance to hire top talents in the industry. If you hire an in-house Drupal developer, he will find it difficult to compete with an expert team of developers who have worked on a diverse range of projects resolving a variety of issues and can combine their expertise with the latest technologies to develop a powerful solution for you. Additionally, an offshore Drupal development company has a dedicated team of professionals specializing in UX design, QA and testing, digital marketing, and customer support.

3. More Focus on Your Business

When you avail of services from a reliable offshore Drupal development company like Drupal India, you are assured that your project is in safe hands. You no longer have to worry about or dedicate your valuable time to your project. You have more time to focus on other business-critical processes. A good web development company will keep you informed about the progress of your project development and will provide you with timely reports.

4. Stable and Tuned Workflows

What to do if your in-house Drupal developer cannot work on your project due to an illness, unforeseen situations, probably because he cannot fulfill your requirements? To avoid such situations, you should consider outsourcing web development companies as they have other devs to substitute them. These companies sign a contract and follow an agile approach to ensure that they provide stable and tuned workflows throughout your project development.

5. Flexibility on Your Project

Every web development specialist (developers, designers, QA engineers, or consultants,) has its own role to play at every stage of project development. You don’t need to hire this entire staff in-house permanently. When you hire Drupal developers outside of your country, you are free to vary your project requirements as per your business situation. For example, you may first create an MVP, and then add features and scale your project. Agile web agencies are flexible to welcome any such changes.

Why Build Virtual Team of Drupal Developers amid COVID-19

1. Employees’ Safety is Priority

As the whole world is gripped by the fear of the spread of the dreadful Coronavirus, safety has become the top priority for every small and enterprise-level organization. If you’re concerned about the health of your employees, work from home concept can help keep them safe and protected against COVID-19.

2. Improved Work Productivity

If you hire dedicated remote Drupal developers, you can improve productivity by 43%. Hiring remote workers means better work-life balance and more focus on core business activities.

3. Ease of Management

Organizations these days are looking for effective ways to manage employees that are working from home. When discussing remote teams, they are mainly hired to ease their development process.

4. Higher Flexibility

Remote teams bring higher flexibility in working when compared to traditional in-house employees. Remote web developers can scale up the workflow and more productive. Managers will worry less about reduced productivity, communication challenges, and other obstacles.

Key Components of Our Remote Drupal Development Services

1. The Efficiency of Our Staff

While working from home, our team members can work comfortably on their personal couch and deliver brilliant ideas. They are never stuck in traffic jams and have more time for their families. Of course, working from home requires self-discipline, time management and responsibility. At Drupal India, we only hire Drupal developers who are well-disciplined and have proved responsible and reliable. They are committed to meeting the deadlines and being in touch with the whole team and customers via video calls as per the best Scrum practices.

2. The Equipment We Have

The only necessary equipment required is computer hardware with internet connectivity. And you can set up an office at home easily. For many IT professionals, the capacities of their personal computers and the characteristics of their monitors are necessary for being more productive.

So, we have equipped our Drupal website development team with the necessary hardware and have delivered them right at their doorsteps. We also have a dedicated technical support team that is ready to help our teams with any technical issues they face with their laptops or PCs.

Therefore, if you hire Drupal developers from Drupal India, you are assured that we are equipped with everything needed to work on your project efficiently.

3. The Tools We Use

As always, we employ the best tools to ensure smooth remote communication and efficient workflows. Our effective communication process eliminates repetitive tasks, enhances the development speed, handles the shared work, avoids confusion, and does much more. Some of the tools that we use include live chat tools, project management software, version control tools for Drupal developers, messengers, etc. We communicate with our global customers via Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, Jira, Skype, Github, Bitbucket, Google Docs, Google Drive, and many more that are crisis-proof and work at any distance.

Why Hire Remote Drupal Developers from Us

As the whole world is moving online, giving importance to social distancing and safety, the Drupal industry has been lucky to continue during the lockdown period. People nowadays prefer to browse the web over traveling or doing other outdoor activities. Therefore, companies can turn this adversity into a great opportunity to boost their business. Businesses having digital presence are already gaining a lot from doing business online. These days, there is a great demand for online shopping, delivery services, online educational and entertainment activities, news, blogs, and much more.

We are hopeful that the lockdown will end someday and the world will defeat COVID-19 happily. People will resume their normal lifestyles, travel again, and see their loved ones. However, the trend of digital transformation within organizations and availing online services will remain forever as the world has understood their convenience and comfort zones. So, if a user has enjoyed shopping in your Drupal e-commerce store with a user-friendly shopping cart, he/she will keep coming back to you for hassle-free online shopping. Don’t miss this chance to hire remote Drupal developers from us who can help you get you started with a powerful e-commerce store.

We are with you in the fight against the novel Coronavirus. We are here to help you in your most difficult times and so we are offering very reasonable pricing if you wish to hire Drupal developers from an offshore Drupal development company. We have affordable Drupal solutions to provide your business sustainability, attract more customers, promote your brand, and increase conversions.


Q.1. Why choose Drupal CMS over other CMS’s?

Drupal, no doubt, is one of the most popular open-source content management systems among developers across the globe. The Drupal CMS is exclusively designed to build versatile and well-structured websites for businesses. It offers a plethora of powerful integration tools, multisite capabilities, multi-currency and multi-lingual support. To know more in detail, get in touch with our Drupal consultants.

Q.2. Can I migrate from WordPress to Drupal?

Yes, you can. You can hire our Drupal migration experts who can help you with a smooth and seamless Drupal migration.

Q.3. Which version of Drupal should I choose Drupal 8 or Drupal 9 for Drupal website development?

It is always best to upgrade to the latest version of Drupal. With the release of Drupal 9, we strongly recommend Drupal 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Drupal 9 as both these versions will reach their end-of-lives in November 2021. If you’re using Drupal 7, you need to upgrade to Drupal 8 first and then to Drupal 9 as this will ensure fast and smooth Drupal upgrade. If you need help with Drupal upgrade or migration, just get in touch with our Drupal experts today!

What You Need to Know About Headless Drupal CMS as a Marketer

If you using the right CMS for your website, you can easily create marketing campaigns, drive huge traffic, and narrate your brand story to the world. However, making content accessible to users on any device is one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers. Headless Drupal can be an ideal solution for marketers as it helps content reach users regardless of the device they’re using. Decoupled or Headless CMS is gaining popularity these days. The main reason why users prefer the Headless Drupal CMS is that it allows users to write content only once and access it on any device.

To better know what the Headless Drupal CMS entails, let’s get a quick insight into Headless Drupal.

Headless Drupal CMS Overview

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a system that stores, maintains, and edits content, but does not display the content on various devices or platforms. It is referred to as headless or decoupled CMS because it slices off the display part of the CMS. Such CMSs use APIs to deliver content on any device. The RESTful API is one such API that serves as a communication channel between the headless CMS, backend, and users’ devices.

Just like any other Software as a Service (SaaS), the Headless CMS serves as Content as a Service (CaaS). As a host, Drupal manages the content and offers Content as a Service to help users to access content on multiple apps or sites easily. If you have a Drupal website or you’re involved in Drupal website development service, you should consider knowing about the Headless Drupal CMS. When thinking of normal installations, Drupal offers effective ways to store, monitor, and display content. On the other hand, the Headless Drupal, an API is used to deliver content on any device. Users using the Drupal 8 platform may be aware of the RESTful Web Services module existing in the core which features a plethora of powerful modules including Views and Paragraphs.

How Can Headless Drupal Help Marketers?

Drupal website development helps in creating highly-responsive and fast-loading websites to ensure enhanced user engagement and achieve business objectives. These are the major reasons that contribute to the worldwide popularity of Drupal website development. As a Drupal development company, you should consider exploring what the Headless Drupal CMS entails to helps businesses as well as marketers.

  • For marketers and users, a headless CMS offers a dynamic, flexible, responsive, and highly-engaging user experience. With the release of various devices every now and then, marketers often face a major challenge of making content accessible on multiple devices. A headless CMS can handle this problem easily.
  • Besides, the Headless Drupal functions faster than normal Drupal, which makes it yet another major reason for its popularity among marketers and Drupal website development This is possible because it reflects logic on the front-end interface which helps in streamlining the backend CMS functions. The back-and-forth interaction within the CMS is carried out in real-time in the browser.

Why All Marketers are not Happy with Headless Drupal?

As a Drupal development company, you already know why Drupal is one of the most preferred content management systems for various industries. Drupal offers a wide spectrum of functionalities that enables users to manage their content efficiently without any hassle. If your clients want to switch to headless CMS, you should educate them about the pros and cons of the Headless Drupal CMS to facilitate better decision-making.

Although headless Drupal offers certain benefits for users and marketers, it also comes with its own set of drawbacks.

  • Implementing the Headless Drupal CMS can affect or evade the value of content delivery. Moreover, as a lot of functionalities will be lost, you will have to recreate those functionalities on the front-end to ensure good user experience. This will lead to higher costs and an increase in Drupal website development time.
  • Another major issue faced by marketers with the Headless Drupal CMS is Drupal SEO. Going with the Headless Drupal CMS affects the SEO functionality of your site that you’ve used to rank your website higher in the search results pages. With the Headless Drupal CMS, all your SEO efforts will go in vain.
  • Code maintenance is another major reason that is decreasing its user adoption. If you encounter any issue with your Drupal site, you need to get it resolved with the support of the IT team. When it comes to security concerns, you have to manage it on your own.

Is the Headless Drupal CMS Good for SEO?

No. The Headless Drupal CMS has a lot of potentials to hurt your website’s SEO.  If you’re hunting for an effective way to make your website highly responsive, fast, and user engaging, you may consider choosing the Headless Drupal CMS for your Drupal website. However, if you focus more on enhancing the features, functionality, and security of your website, you should think twice before you switch to Headless Drupal. You need to hire Drupal developers and marketers to make your website SEO-ready.

The Bottomline

With the Headless Drupal CMS, you have to be prepared for additional time and cost for Drupal SEO development. As a leading Drupal development company, we provide the best-in-class Drupal development services to help you thrive in the industry. With our complete suite of Drupal development services, we deliver an end product that is powered with the right functionality.


Why should I use a Headless Drupal CMS?

One of the major advantages of using the Headless CMS is the flexibility that it offers. As marketers need to display content on multiple devices, the Headless Drupal CMS helps them to deliver content to any type of device with the help of an API. The Headless Drupal CMS provides control and flexibility to create a customized, responsive, and unique UI/UX without using templates and themes.

What is a RESTful API?

A RESTful API is an application program interface that works by processing HTTP requests to ‘GET’, ‘PUT’, ‘POST’, and ‘DELETE’ data. It is also termed as RESTful web service or REST API. This API follows a representational state transfer approach to facilitate interactions in web service development. Unlike Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology, REST uses less bandwidth which makes it suitable for efficient internet usage.

What is the cost of Drupal website development?

The cost of Drupal website development depends on the design complexity of your website, the number of features you want to add, and development time. Drupal India offers world-class Drupal development services at an affordable price range to help businesses of all sizes and types.