Strategical Measures to Implement before Drupal Website Launch in 2021

Preparing to launch a Drupal website is exciting for businesses & individuals. It involves different steps regarding what elements of website requires revamp, styling and engaging design implementations. This becomes challenging if you haven’t made relevant strategies to track of all the tasks. Several areas need to be considered, like hosting, frontend, and backend solutions. For backend CMS is already chosen meeting your company’s needs.

Most important, you need to identify if there aren’t any errors and everything is pixel-perfect. The next step of Drupal Web Development is to monitor the webpage performance. Finally, a few marketing actions are required to attract more visitors to the website. In this blog post, you’ll find the key measures we suggest to implement before drupal website launch.

1. Security

Once the website is published, it becomes vulnerable to cyberattacks. Luckily, several methods are present to prevent & protect against such threats. Make sure the webpage is integrated with the SSL certification enabling usage of the HTTPS protocol. The best thing is it processes, and delivers sites from the server to the web browser. The Drupal CMS provide error reports of every security breach, including the latest versions of the system. The latter is important to keep website up-to-date for smooth running. The software updates comprise of bug fixes and security improvements.

2. User Experience Testing

Testing team have already done several tests regarding user experience at multiple stages of the Drupal ecommerce development process. But it’s better to stay safe and schedule proper testing before the website launch. Cross-check following things:

• Interaction – whether the website is intuitive and seamless in operation.

• Mobile-Friendly – Whether it is compatible and operates on different devices or not.

• Performance – Whether website works in different browsers or not.

• Submitting the contact forms to reach you.

• Internal linking, to check the company logo to the homepage.

3. Content Checking

Launching a website, you definitely look to engage the visitors with the quality content. Your content team and designers did their best, but still some mistakes are overlooked. To improve the chances of identifying them, you can engage experts to check the content. Experts should proofread page content, case studies, blog posts, and e-books for grammar, with proper focus on typos. Make sure to check:

• No lorem ipsum content is left.

• All formatting is correctly done.

• All content is optimized for SEO.

• Company contact details is accurate.

• Content is consistent and aligns well with the brand tone.

4. SEO

The core agenda of website is to engage as many visitors as possible and retain them in company’s offer. To achieve such goals, it becomes crucial to implement different SEO elements so that it could rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and become visible to the target audience. Once you hire Drupal developers they focus on the key sections to ensure website runs perfectly after launch.

Site speed

The site speed impacts the ranking position. Websites that load slower have higher bounce rates and users usually move to another website. When your site loads faster, users will more likely stay on it making it rank in Google results?


Create an XML sitemap and with its usage the search engine crawler will easily see and index the website content. A sitemap is created before a new website launch.


Another crucial guideline for the Google is the robots.txt file. This simple text file guides the robots out which pages of the website should they index, and which ones they shouldn’t. If you aren’t sure whether robots.txt file is integrated within the website, check it in your website’s root directory.

5. Social Media Integration

If you haven’t created social media accounts, it is the right time for your website to boost your business. Every social platform gathers different set of audiences. That’s why it’s significant to perform the research work to see which the trending topic engaging visitors is. Once you have the accounts on the selected social media platforms, build a consistent strategy to promote your website launch. You must decide how long to promote it and what parameters to cover and prepare content in advance.

Wrapping Up

As you can see earlier, there are several things can be done to ensure that the most essential features of your drupal website are properly running before you launch. We’ve discussed the most relevant ones, and there are many more tweaks available for the optimizations to apply. There’s always something additional you perform to boost your visitor numbers. With services from Drupal 9 development, you can reshape the way your website attracts and keeps visitors. Many reputed development companies are available that can help to build as well as launch your website in an effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of Drupal?

Drupal is free, open source software that can be used by individuals or users having less technical knowledge to easily create and manage different types of websites. The application includes a content management platform and a development framework.

2. Can Drupal 8 be used for mobile apps?

No matter what form of mobile app you decide on, Drupal 8 development offers a solid platform for serving your data to a multitude of user interfaces whether we talk about the mobile apps, websites, smart televisions, information boards or simple input into another system.

3. What language does Drupal use?

Drupal is PHP based language and every developer needs to know PHP language for any development or customization work. The reason for using PHP is it is a programming language that is flexible and simple to learn, even if you come from a different knowledge background.

4. Is Drupal free to use?

Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) having a big and supportive community. It’s used by millions of people and organizations across the globe to build and manage their websites. Government websites are also Drupal built as they demand advanced security and flexibility. Drupal is free to download and with simple modification the platform can be extended.

Tools for Creating a Drupal Website Documentation

Documentation is a part of the product, its useful supplement, and a guide – for the programmer, the manager, the product owner, and the end-user. A nicely-dependent and nicely-written documentation is a win-win. On the other hand, you minimize the scope of the issues that the client will ask you about, and on the other – you are making it less difficult for those who will join your group or who will take over the gadget guide once you. Consequently, having and (which is mainly vital) keeping the most up-to-date documentation is funding and a strategic flow, mainly in huge tasks.

At the very best degree of generalization, we are able to divide the challenge documentation into the machine documentation and the end-user documentation.

The first type of materials can be of specific interest to Drupal Website Development, the second one – most customarily to the client and the quit user (the net user). However, how to deal with explaining all the intricacies and specifics of a given mission, how to quality report the approaches taking place in the back-end, and the way to dispel the users’ doubts in a visible-based totally and easy way? To the rescue comes a whole variety of equipment, which with their functionalities will assist you to answer those questions, as well as create your internet site documentation.

Types of Documentation and Their Tools

E-book Documentation

One of the commonly used forms of accumulating documentation is developing hierarchic content with chapters and subsections – much like in an ebook, i.e., a paper version of the instructions for customers that incorporates every product.

There are numerous tools for growing such a content material shape. They all have integrated text editors that will let you effortlessly upload a code fragment, lists, tables, and media attachments.


Confluence is one of the Atlassian corporation’s more fun and effective equipment. The creators themselves describe it as a friendly location wherein understanding and cooperation meet. It generally works with this device to prove it to be actual. We’re already used to wiki pages’ structure, so even non-technical people can navigate and add content in Confluence.

After some easy steps (in particular in case you already use different Atlassian merchandise) you get a personalized website with the opportunity of making more than one area (e.g., for numerous product versions) inside which pages with articles may be created. You’ve got an in-depth education and numerous dozen content material templates at your disposal. The introduction of your “e-book” is facilitated by the possibility of loose dragging and selecting the order and place of the added subpages, as well as the possibility of tagging, liking, commenting, and marking them. The device is visually clean and legible. In addition, the free model gives 2GB of the area at your disposal, and you can invite up to 10 humans to cooperate. Confluence is worth trying, in particular, if you maintain your code in the Bitbucket repository and distribute obligations to the usage of the Jira software program.

GitHub Pages and GitLab Wiki

If you like to preserve your documentation close to your code, the perfect answer is the wiki functions supplied by hosting websites created for this specific reason. positive, you don’t have article templates at your disposal here, but the entered content is constantly handy – proper next to the repository, tasks, or new code implementation methods. The content enterprise is just like the previously stated Confluence. Gitlab even allows you to import the existing documentation from this tool. person articles can be grouped by indicating the course within the directory tree of your chapters. Whilst adding content material, you’ve got at your disposal an easy editor that supports such codecs as Markdown, Rdoc, AsciiDoc, reStructuredText, or Org, and the ebook manner itself is performed by way of adding another code package (commit message). Github Pages also comes with default skins with the intention to make your documentation page appearance professional.

Camunda Modeler and System Avenue

If the Workflows module center around which the functioning of the complete internet site revolves, then for the expertise of all dependencies and approaches taking area on the internet site (e.g. how the manner of taking a loan, making use of for funding, reserving a visit, etc. is being completed) such tools like Camunda Modeler or procedure street will prove to be a useful help. They’re useful both in planning the methods and in documenting them. The principal purpose of these gears is to assist enterprise method management (BPM) and (in the case of Camunda) to create decision model and Notation (DMN) bushes.

Wrapping Up

There are many tools to help you create and, greater importantly, hold updated documentation. Which of them to choose depends on your venture’s specifics – its length, wide variety, and the form of modules used. It’s additionally motivated by means of whether the internet site is usually static or technique-based totally, who will create and use the documentation, whether or not you want to proportion it, and lots of, many more elements. However, the truth is that the documentation is a part of the product and has an economic price – because it allows reducing the prices (i.e., the Drupal 8 Development company’s hours to familiarise themselves with everything) – will stay. Desirable documentation also allows drawing clients! Hire Drupal website Developers today!