drupal Facebook Messenger Chat Module

Chat bots have become a rage today. The principle which make them popular is simple- meeting your target audience where they are, makes room for better engagement, further establishing better relationships with the audience. And today, chat messengers are where people spend their maximum time. Even more than social networks. Taking the clue, businesses like Dominoes and the Royal Bank Of Scotland have already begun tapping the potential of this new-rage communication channel. And interestingly, the government sector is not far behind.

Realizing the long-standing goal of making it easy for citizens to contact the president, the White House recently launched the messenger bot on their Facebook page. The goal of the bot is to make it easier and quicker for citizens to send their messages to the President. Built using the Drupal Platform, the bot can be easily accessed through the White House’s website which again has been built on the same platform. The bot is extremely easy to use and responds in a short interval of time.

Most interestingly, the White House, in a bid to help other governments and businesses to create powerful digital experiences for their target audiences, recently open-sourced the bot module with boiler-plate code and configuration steps.

It is worthy to note how the open-source version of the module will prove helpful. Following are the three ways which are worthy of notice:

  • Drupal 8 developers can launch the Facebook messenger bot quickly
  • Non-developers can use the module to create customized bot interactions for their website
  • Deploying the module will allow governments to personalize engagement with less investments

Bots are a wonderful addition to a user’s digital experience and an effective tool for website owners to boost engagement. And to be able to deploy the functionality on one of the most popular platforms of today creates exciting possibilities in the future which all of us should be aware of.

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