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Lack of conversions is the biggest challenge for online stores as people do visit them, stay there, even add products to cart, but exit without making a purchase. As a result, there has been increasing focus on the strategy of Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO). Drupal is acclaimed as a platform that provides excellent CRO solutions for your website. It offers various modules that enable you to design a perfect CRO friendly product page, which can make all the difference in the conversion rates.

Here are the tactics that you can use to create CRO Friendly Product Pages in Drupal for boosting conversions:

High-Quality Product Images:- 
E-commerce business sells on product images as people make a purchase decision on the basis of what they see. High-quality product images are a pre-requisite of a CRO-friendly product page. The image should be clear, visually appealing and shown from multiple angles. Features like zoom-in make an additional advantage. You can even use videos to add value to the page.

Explicit Product Descriptions:- Product images are important and so are product descriptions. If you want to boost up your conversion rates, make sure that the descriptions are explicit enough to motivate the buyer to purchase. Include all the key parameters about the product but keep the description short and snappy. An SEO friendly product description would be a plus. Price, delivery options, product availability, and estimated delivery dates also need to be mentioned clearly on the page.

Customer Ratings and Reviews:- A customer review section is going to take your product page a long way. By adding this section, you can build customer trust and brand loyalty, which would definitely have a positive influence on the conversion rate. Reviews also make a handy tool for improving the SEO ranking.

Social Sharing:- 
Adding social media icons to your product page is another smart idea to optimize it for conversions. These will encourage visitors and shoppers share the products and generate more traffic for your store. Moreover, the traffic would include potential buyers who are more likely to shop because of the recommendations from their friends.

Cross-Selling Suggestions:- Another feature that you can add to your Drupal website for making it CRO-friendly is cross-selling suggestions. The customers can be shown additional products based on all that has already been added to cart. It could be a complementary item or something in comparison. There are chances that they might shop for some additional products.

A CRO-friendly product page is an asset for your e-commerce website. At Drupal India, we offer the services of expert conversion specialists who can design and optimize your Drupal Website product pages to make them conversion friendly. Boost your online sales by availing our expert services.

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