Drupal 10 Features and Improvements You Must Know

Which CMS would you use for a business website that showcases your brand? That has to be Drupal, without a doubt. So why not? Drupal is a robust open-source CMS that has served millions of users. And, to offer the best to its loyal user base, it regularly upgrades to the latest versions. So, here we have Drupal 10 as the most recent version. Let’s get started to see how the latest version can help you.

Latest Drupal 10 features

Latest Drupal 10 features

Drupal is here with all new and improved features to make the platform more user-friendly. However, here are some remarkable features of the latest version present.

Claro administration theme

Drupal 10 introduced a new administration theme named Claro. And it offers a modern and user-friendly interface for the Drupal website. Earlier versions were dependent on seven administration themes. Also, this sleek and appealing theme offers an engaging experience. Now, users with disabilities navigate easily with this theme.

Claro administration theme aligns with the Olivero default theme to offer a consistent look. And even a seamless connection between your website’s front end and back end. So, it boosts the fast-loading and overall website performance. Moreover, it works seamlessly and quickly even with slow network issues.

Olivero default theme

Apart from Claro Olivero is another theme that came to light with the new version of Drupal. Olivero is a clean and lightweight theme that allows you to customize your website. This theme of Drupal 10 offers a modern and responsive theme to offer a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, these features of Drupal assist them in standing on the solid foundation of your website. Plus, it offers an optimal viewing experience for users across the devices.

Theme Starterkit tools

If you were stuck earlier with customizing the themes, Drupal presents you with Theme Starterkit. Because it offers tools and templates to developers to create tailor-made themes for websites. You can get Drupal support and maintenance for more assistance. The additional features it offers:

  • Offers customizable templates to design your theme.
  • Supports popular CDD preprocessor to maintain CSS styles
  • Provides accessible tools to create user-friendly themes.

Improved multilingual support

Drupal extends its features to enable multiple language support. As it included a language-type entity to create and understand new languages. That too, is directly in the administrative interface. It offers improved language detection mechanisms to ease the user experience. And it includes improving the translation management system.

You can consult Drupal eCommerce Development for more assistance. So, it easily translates and manages workflows. Plus, it offers you a flexible and customizable language switcher for your website. And these enhancements offer great user-friendly support.

Advanced security features

Advanced security features

Drupal 10 focuses on security threats that were present earlier. And now it is here to improve password policies, multiple password changes, etc. So, Drupal offers third-party modules, to identify potential threats, and eliminate vulnerabilities. Drupal like PHP frameworks, offers regular security checks. And it helps to discover new threats to secured websites.

Performance and scalability

The latest Drupal version offers great performance and scalability. And it helps firms to create and maintain high-performance websites. Here are some improved performance features.

  • Improved caching mechanism to easily cache content and boost the website speed.
  • Efficiently deliver content to users quickly.
  • Enhanced database performance to reduce the load and optimize it.

Better content management

The latest Drupal version provides a versatile and user-friendly platform for building and managing websites. It aids in the streamlining of content to deliver high-quality content. Furthermore, it provides content editors with intuitive and manageable content. Moreover, it provides tools that facilitate seamless migration and updates.

You can consult Drupal eCommerce development for more assistance. Drupal also provides tools for managing various media, like content, video, and images. And with an excellent preview mechanism before publication.

CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5 is not a new concept but Drupal 10 got a complete rebuild. And the CMS have welcomed this new addition to amplify their experience. Plus, it helps to manage the text data of an app. Drupal is bringing successful new additions. Get the Drupal module development for seamless integration. Plus, the CKEditor plugins upgrades to integrate with CK5.

Symfony 6

The latest Drupal version will integrate Symfony 6 and PHP 8.1 with minimal support. It ensures advancements at the back-end processes to be part of Drupal. Symfony 6 improves routing, locales, and multilingual support. Eventually, it will be a part of many discussions and applications.

Advanced security features

Additional changes to Drupal 10 

Here are some additional changes to Drupal’s latest version.

Decoupled menus

Decoupled menus are a quite simple concept of layers. Here the menu presentation layer separates from the back-end management layer. So, the data gets stored in Drupal but displayed on the front end. And it uses JavaScipt framework React, Vue, and Angular. Moreover, it allows flexibility and performance to the menu presentation layer. And to easily this change you must use decoupled menu module. So, you can create a custom solution to integrate with API.

Removed deprecated code

It is the simple process of removing old or unused code that is no longer supported. Because it may cause many potential future issues. The removal of deprecated code contributes to the security and performance of your application.

So, the maintenance of sites becomes easier. Get the Drupal Module Development for seamless integration. So, Drupal 10 updated and removed these outdated codes. Moreover, this addition helps the websites to be robust and updated.

Removed core modules

There are some more core changes to the modules. As you will notice some modules get removed to streamline the performance. You can get Drupal support and maintenance for more assistance. So, the removed modules can be deprecated or limited use. And these modules are:


  • Used to display administrative pages in a modal window
  • Replaced by modern administrative toolbar and libraries


  • Managed multiple website configurations
  • Replaced for unpopularity

PHP Filter

  • Embedded PHP code within the content and posed a security risk
  • Replaced by custom or third-party modules.

Conclusion: Drupal’s latest version brings many updates for developers and especially for websites. Even it removed some non-used modules to streamline performance. The above-mentioned are some of the new changes to the latest version. For more consideration, consult Drupal eCommerce Development for your projects.


Q. What are the three different kinds of Drupal modules?

Modules are classified into three types:

Core modules are those that come standard with the Drupal installation.

Contributed modules can be downloaded from the Drupal.org Modules download section. Custom modules are modules that you write yourself.

Q. Which Drupal framework is the best?

Front-End Frameworks for Drupal – Assisting You in Creating a…

AngularJS. When it comes to interacting with Drupal, the most popular front-end framework on the list, Angular JS, is a developer’s favorite.

Q. Drupal has how many themes?

Drupal installation and operation are completely free. This includes the 40,000+ modules available to extend site functionality as well as the 2500+ themes used to customize site appearance.

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