The tech landscape is dynamic today as technologies are constantly engaged in improving themselves and coming up with their better versions. Drupal is one such tech platform that is taking big leaps in this direction. The release of Drupal 8 has brought several new offerings for businesses looking for advanced CMS platforms to build powerful applications. Would you not want to capitalize on these features for your next project? Of course, you would but it is better to learn more about this version before taking a plunge into Drupal 8 Development directly. Let us give you some reasons to choose Drupal 8 instead of its predecessor for your next project.

1. Performance: Facilitates Quick Page Load With BigPipe Module:- The BigPipe module allows the users to get multiple sections from a page downloaded to the browser in a single go; so there is no need to wait for the entire page to be delivered. In fact, you can fully skip reloading the static elements, constant, and cacheable page components and these can be rendered to the users over and over again. Conversely, the dynamic uncacheable elements are downloaded with BigPipe module with a reasonably good speed. The entire system enhances the performance of the site or application and makes it more attractive to the users.

2. User-Friendliness: Simplifies The Content Creation Process:- Drupal 8 comes with an embedded WYSIWYG, which eases up the process of content creation manifold. Additionally, it also provides automatic updates of HTML tags. The content personalization features such as drag and drop, the adaptable toolbar for the editor, and captions, enable the content creators to activate and deactivate the editor’s functions on the basis of the frequency of use.

3. Mobile-Compatibility: More Adapted To Mobile Devices:- As compared to Drupal 7, the new version is better adapted to mobile devices. Considering the growing importance of mobile-responsive websites and applications,

this feature makes Drupal 8 a better choice for your business. Drupal 8 themes are highly responsive, which renders ease into the configuration process for smartphones and mobile devices.

4. Multi-Language Functionality: Improved The Multi-Language Support:- Another reason that you should give precedence to Drupal 8 for your project is that it offers enhanced multi-language support. It packs language maintenance choices and new settings, which are easy to configure and can make translation much simpler for sites. Therefore, you can save the cost of adding a new language to your website or application by leveraging this flexible multi-language functionality.

5. Better Security: Enhanced Data Protection Abilities:- Drupal 8 makes use of Twig, a highly, flexible and secure system for PHP, to improve security and data protection as compared to the previous versions. Twig has been built to fit and run seamlessly with Symfony’s way of programming. This also raises the security level effectively as the PHP code is never inserted right into the template. Twig’s syntax structure is developer-friendly too.

6. Future-Ready: Gets Closer To The Next Version:- The Drupal 8 architecture promises very smooth transitions to the next versions, which makes it a future-ready choice for businesses. Obviously, it would be smarter to have an application or website on the latest version as it would be easier to move onto the next one in terms of the iteration of migrations and costs. This could translate into huge savings for your business.

7. A Modern Architecture: Better, Refreshed Modules:- 

Another reason that you should seriously consider the new version for your next project is that only the best of the existing Drupal Modules Development have been carried forward. Moreover, these have been given a refresh to make them better than before. Furthermore, some new modules have also been introduced to modernize the architecture of the CMS as a whole.

Drupal 8’s Impact On Business:- Being a CMS, the biggest impact that Drupal has on businesses is related to the delivery, distribution, and management of content. Today, as content marketing plays a key role in customer acquisition, retention, and branding, offering personalized content to the shoppers is the best way to connect with them and hold them on. Drupal 8 houses extreme power of personalized content delivery which makes it capable of driving qualified traffic and conversions for businesses.

At the same time, the version brings a promise of enhanced user experiences via value-added content and real-time delivery. Elevated experiences increase customer loyalty as well as encourage social recommendations, online reviews, and other forms of user generated content, in addition to overall metric growth. For these reasons, embracing Drupal 8 becomes the best decision that organizations can take to make it big in the digital realm.

Conclusion:- With all that has been explained in favour of Drupal 8, it emerges as the right choice for businesses that want to invest their money in the right place. Therefore, it becomes clear that your next business website or application should be developed with the latest Drupal version at its core. Here, it becomes vital to partner with a provider that can handle it with skill and dexterity. Drupal India is a trusted Drupal Development Company that you can trust for creating a quality Drupal 8 Application for your business. Share your requirements with us and we will work out a solution to match.

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