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Drupal CMS has always been acclaimed for a rich set of features that make it ideal for developing websites for businesses from various domains and with different requirements. At the same time, it is one platform that is constantly engaged in improving itself by releasing more features and better functionalities in every version upgrade it brings. The most recent one is Drupal 8.5.0, which introduced several new features along with certain important fixes for workflows. Those looking for Drupal Upgradation Service need to explore these features in detail. Let’s know all about them:

Media Module is Available To All:- The Media module in the 8.4.0 version was hidden from the UI due to UX issues. The new version, however, addresses many of these usability issues and enables the Media module normally for all site developers. Moreover, audio and video files can be uploaded and played in Drupal 8.5.0.

Provides a New Layout Builder Module:- Another feature that Drupal 8.5.0 brings is an all-new experimental Layout Builder module which offers display layout capabilities for the pages, user profiles, articles, and other entity displays. This feature simplifies the Drupal Website Design process as it enables the developers to edit the layouts on the actual page itself rather than doing it with a separate form on the backend.

Settings Tray and Content Moderation Modules are Stable:- The Setting Tray module and Content Moderation module, which were added in the 8.2.0 version, are now made stable in the new version. The former helps to manage settings in context while the latter enables defining content workflow states and roles to move content between states.

BigPipe Module Included by Default:- The BigPipe module, which improves Facebook’s page performance, was first added in Drupal 8.1.0 and then became stable in Drupal 8.3.0. With Drupal 8.5.0, it has been made a part of the Standard installation profile which means that it is available by default. The module will make all the Drupal 8 sites faster by default.

Drupal Migration Becomes Easier:- The Migrate system’s architecture has also been rendered stable with this new release. Upgrading monolingual sites is easier with the Drupal Migrate and Drupal Migrate UI modules becoming stable. Multilingual site upgrades, however, are yet to be fully supported.

Additionally, it is to be mentioned that Drupal 8.5.0 runs on PHP 7.2, which brings a significant performance improvement over PHP 7.1 and also has a range of new features. Updating to the new version is necessary to avail these features and receive the security fixes as well. Therefore, businesses running Drupal websites need to partner with a service provider that looks after the upgrade requirements. At Drupal India, we are a leading Drupal Development Company that brings a complete set of services to your doorstep. Get in touch with us for developing high-end websites with this platform and ensuring that the current ones run on the latest version.


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