The release of Drupal 8.6 in the last quarter of 2018 was an exciting event for businesses looking for technology solutions based on this CMS. Like other version upgrades, this one too has some key features that takes the platform’s potential a notch higher. Even minor upgrades have something or the other to contribute and this one is no exception. Here are the latest features that are poised to empower Drupal 8 Development to create better applications and websites.

Media Editing and Management:- The all-new media features packed in the 8.6 version are a big step forward. It comes with a core media library that enables content publishers to add, publish, and manage media, including images, audio, video, etc, with WYSIWYG editor as well as via a new media field. The media already added to the site can be reused while new items can be uploaded as well. Additionally, this feature facilitates the management of media via an overview page and addition of new items without creating content.

Layout Builder:- Layout builder is a useful tool which renders ease into the site-building experience by providing a drag-and-drop interface for easy creation of layouts. Drupal Website Design becomes more powerful with this feature as site builders can use it to make more dynamic and personalized web pages. Furthermore, it brings amazing flexibility to build unique layouts for diverse content formats.

Workspaces:- Another feature of Drupal 8.6 that deserves a special mention is Workspaces, an experimental module which enables the admin to create a parallel version of the website content. This is a Staging Workspace which can later be deployed to the lite website in a go. While the 8.5 version brought the content moderation feature, this new feature takes it to the next level and allows the entire content sections to be staged before they are published.

Quickstart:- The Quicksmart command enables the installation of Drupal with only a few simple and quick steps. It even drives the possibility of testing Drupal without having to install other software, configure a VM, or seek cloud hosting service. This means that even the newbies with the CMS will be able to create a full-features site easily with this version.

Out-of-The-Box Demo Website:- With this new release, the dull install page of Drupal has been substituted by dummy content of demo site, which is that of an imaginary food magazine. Once the installation is done, the user gets the option of “Demo: Umami Food Magazine (Experimental)”. It showcases Drupal’s capabilities including page composition, data modeling, content moderation, and listing. Further, the demo has nearly 20 content items, pseudo IDs of the author and editor, and a few landing pages as well. The objective of this out-of-the-box demo site is to give users a hands-on experience of the platform interface before they start running their own site.

Migrate:- The Migrate module that came with the first minor release of the Drupal 8 version but become stable with the 8.6 version only. It allows the migration of content from the previous platform versions or external sources to Drupal 8. As Migrate becomes stable, developers can easily create custom migrations without having to worry about the changes in the underlying code. It also brings some features around migration of multilingual content; these are available in a separate module called Migrate Drupal Multilingual.

More Improvements:- In addition to the aforementioned modules and features, the new version brings several other improvements as well. It supports automated javascript testing with Nightwatch.js. Additionally, the process of test porting from Simpletest to PHP Unit is also almost done with Drupal 8.6.

Conclusion:- As you can expect so much more from this new version of the CMS, starting your next project with this one or migrating to it comes ahead as a smart business decision. The best way to make this move is by hiring professionals from a reputed Drupal Development Company. At Drupal India, we understand the clients’ needs and create Drupal-based solutions to match. Whether you are contemplating a new development project with Drupal 8.6 or looking for migration with us, you can connect with us.

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