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Drupal 8 has innovative features and tools that make it the perfect choice for the publishing industry. Its features are far superior to any other CMS available currently. Since its inception in November 2015, Drupal 8 version as a complete structure scaled up in terms of reliability, performance, fast processing, and security.

If you are hunting for a perfect CMS for your website, here are some reasons why Drupal 8 is the perfect one to go for.

1. Improved Content Authoring:- Drupal 8 focuses a lot on this primary area. To be specific, it offers in-line, and in-context on page editing functionality. The implementation of “what you see is what you get” helps in the writing and editing. Online publishers find this very useful as they regularly update the content. Quick Edit functionality, allows editors to instantly fix and perform changes at the front-end.

2. Better Performance:- Drupal 8 performs better than its older versions. To begin with, its effective caching mechanisms loads JavaScript fast. When an end user opens the same page repeatedly, it loads in a flash. Fast loading is an integral element for a publishing site to become successful. PHP 7 compatibility and useful libraries make Drupal CMS, fully confident to ensure faster loading time.

3. Multilingual and Translation Assistance:- For publishing websites, being multilingual is very important. Drupal 8 Supports more than 100 languages, in addition to that, it has a translation interface also. Publishers having content specific to the local region can take benefit of this multilingual support as the translation process is quite easier than before. To satisfy local needs, every form, field, and menus can be updated.

4. Responsive Design:- Publishing websites are accessed by users from multiple gadgets like mobile, desktop, tablet and notebook. Responsive design is a necessity in today’s world. The website should be compatible with every platform. Drupal 8 has been customized properly to make sure it supports responsive design development. Whether it is small or big screen size, this CMS handles them in a very smooth manner, with minimum coding.

5. Security Advancements:- Drupal 8 CMS has a security team to find errors and offer solutions immediately. Symfony framework is integrated into it that offers a secure web environment. More than 3K Drupal developers, 650K members, are always supportive when any potential threats or security threats happen. Regular update ensures no security breach happens.

6. Flexible:- Drupal 8 supports development frameworks including Angular, Backbone, and Ember.js. Theming engine, based on PHP helps in enhancing the functionality of the Drupal site. ‘Block’ and ‘Views’ features improve the visual appeal of the website.

Conclusion:- Drupal is a strong CMS having millions of users across the world. There are many companies that use this CMS. So, for a publishing website, opting Drupal 8 means, having the liberty to avail support from a large community of developers. Feature-rich and easy coding makes it the perfect choice of developers.

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