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Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems. And since its new version Drupal 8 has released (in 2015), the demand for Drupal web design and development services is increasing in the market. The latest release of this CMS platform is powered by over 200 new features and improvements. These features are rapidly contributing to making this platform more powerful and enabling enterprises to develop a robust website with better user experiences. This platform lets you offer the right content to the right targeted audience at the right time.

The content management framework has touched greater heights for admins, developers, and users as well with Drupal 8. With multiple improvements and add-on features, Drupal 8 is experiencing a high demand. Let’s have an overview of those features of this platform that are making content delivery easier to audiences.

New Theme Engine:- This version is powered by a new theme engine, known as Twig. This engine is based on PHP and is highly flexible, robust, fast and secure. This platform enables the development of more functional and immensely scalable websites as the templates are written in less complex syntax than the PHP template and is also more secure.

Multilingual Ready:- This version of Drupal provides extensive multilingual features. Its admin interface is having built-in translations. Also, this version allows you to develop pages with language-based views filtering as well as block visibility. The community has also facilitated the translation updates with it.

Manage Your Configuration:- It is packed with inbuilt configuration management into file system level that makes carrying the configuration elements (including content type, views, or fields, etc.) from the local development to the server an easy task. In order to keep tracking the configuration changes, you also may use a version-control system. The configuration data is stored in the files.

Easy Authoring:- It has brought ultimate power into the content editors’ hands, with WYSIWYG editor CKEditor (bundled with the core). However, the major improvement remains the “in-place editing capability”, this version offers to its users. This would enable editors to edit pages without switching to the full edit form.

Mobile First From The Get-Go:- This version is mobile-ready and encompasses all the built-in themes (responsive) along with an admin theme, which can be adapted to different screen sizes. Also, there is a “back-to-site” button for going back to the front page. The tables fit into any size and new admin toolbar performs well on the mobile devices.

Better Support For Accessibility:- It provides ultimate support for the industry standard accessibility technologies such as WAI-ARIA. TabManager and ARIA (Live Announcements API ) are some of the greatest improvements in this versions, delivering control for the rich internet apps. Jquery UI’s autocomplete, better font sizes, tweaked color contrast along with the model dialogs are contributing a lot to making this platform much easier for developers.

Guided Tour:- In Drupal 8, the descriptive text is right under the help link. Users may easily click and take the tour along with explaining how everything works. For all newcomers, this is one of the most helpful features of this version. This mobile-friendly feature is making CMS much easier for everyone to understand.

Fields Galore:- This version is packed with loads of field types at its core. This way, it’s taking the content structure capabilities to the top. All the new field types (link, date, entity reference, e-mail, telephone, etc.) help in the content development. Also now, you may also attach fields to more content types and custom contact forms by attaching the fields to them.

Conclusion:- So, these were top Drupal 8 Features that will make content delivery easier to your audience. When developing the website on this platform, don’t forget to keep these features in your mind. In order to leverage all the benefits of this latest release, you may hire a reliable Drupal Development Company. And, when it comes to hiring a reliable and professional web development firm, no one can match the level of Drupal India. The organization offers a comprehensive range of web & app development, PSD to Drupal Conversion, post-deployment support and website maintenance services etc. all over the world.

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