Drupal 8, the latest version of the enterprise web Content Management System (CMS) comes with about 200 additional features and much needed advancements, leading to the best experience for the developers, the end users and the clients as well. Drupal’s innovative inclusion makes it the most preferred open source CMS in the market always. It stands as the best choice for any organization that maintains the large portfolios of the websites. Being the most flexible and extensible CMS, it is used to develop either a small and simple website or the larger and complex websites from the day of its inception.

One may readily have the successful digital experiences as it is easy to drive value and streamline the workflow with the new functional capabilities of Drupal 8. A few of the main features of Drupal 8 are discussed below.

Content Authoring Made Easy:- The content creators and the marketers may navigate the website to use the new on-page editor or use the integrated WYSIWYG (What you See is what you Get) editor. The enhancement in Drupal’s content APIs enables to send and retrieve content from any other systems including the mobile apps.

Better Language and Global Support:- It delivers a great digital experience with enhanced multilingual and globalization support. The multilingual capabilities are included directly in the core. Drupal 8 has 94 languages in the native installation; has automated language and user interface translations downloads and updates; protection for local translations; field-level translation and built-in translation interface works with any of the configurations.

Digital Ecosystem Integrations:- Drupal 8 is compatible with organization’s analytics, e-mails, marketing automation, and any other digital tech solutions.

Mobile first world:- Mobile website and app has become the way of life today and Drupal is not left behind. The core themes and the modules are easy to administer on a mobile device. All the built-in-themes are made responsive, i.e., everything in Drupal 8 is mobile responsive.

Configuration Management:- Drupal 8 comes with Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) which facilitates porting, saving and moving from one environment to the other. It supports to deal with the multiple sites or a robust workflow for an internal team. Evidently, it increases the performance and stability of the website even when a company has multiple websites.

With the introduction of Drupal 8, the enterprise requirements are being met with standard and these represent just a few highlights.

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