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Marketing is a key business function that is essential for its growth. It gets all the more important in the e-commerce industry, where selling is all about building long-term relationships with buyers. Having a good-looking, high-performance online store is vital for survival in the industry. Choosing the right platform for Drupal Ecommerce Development is something that can make all the difference. Drupal CMS, with its scalability, flexibility, responsiveness, and customization, has emerged as a popular choice amongst the available platforms.

After having built a reputation for years, the platform has come up with Drupal 8, its latest version. This advanced version far surpasses its predecessor and comes ahead as a winner. The enhancements it offers are many. One of these is the support it provides to the digital marketing strategies of online enterprises. Drupal 8 has a number of outstanding features that make it a perfect choice for developing powerful digital strategies for an online venture.

Flexible Content Delivery:- With its built-in content authoring system, Drupal 8 serves the purpose of making content delivery flexible for the marketers. The earlier version of the platform did not have a content editor. As a result, it did not give the freedom to make content updates without technical support. This is no longer an issue as marketers can now add forms and build effective landing pages, in addition to making content updates. The platform offers a user-friendly drag and drop editor and allows changes through mobile devices too.

Easy Integration With Third Party Tools:- Another feature of Drupal 8 that gives it a marketing edge is that it offers seamless third party integration with multiple business tools. For instance, you may need to integrate your website with CRM and web analytics to extend its marketing abilities. The platform has the capabilities to integrate with all the latest marketing technologies to take your business a step further.

Responsive Architecture:- The core of Drupal 8 is designed to deliver responsive architecture. It can be used to create websites that run as seamlessly on mobiles and tablets as they do on computers. A mobile friendly website serves as a powerful marketing plus, with extended reach and enhanced customer engagement. Moreover, marketers can add or update the website right from their mobile devices.

Effective Website Design:- The platform comes with the Twig template which brings some amazing themes for creating great-looking business websites. Marketers are now empowered with the freedom to design wonderful looking pages that supplement their marketing efforts.

Multilingual Reach:- Drupal 8 packs the power of multilingual abilities which means that the marketers can now think global. They can avail the benefits of language translation and localisation to extend their reach across boundaries. This is a great opportunity for business growth.

In addition to these outstanding features, Drupal 8 has all the capabilities of the original one. From SEO friendliness to security, accessibility, community support, it has everything to make it the best platform for E-commerce Web Development.

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