Drupal 8 Is The Right Development Platform

The online media industry is ridden with challenges, with complexities related to handling huge and diverse content. The content includes massive volumes of text, images, graphics, videos, and much more. And the challenge does not end here, there is much more to it. From content updates, personalization and distribution to digital asset management, social media curation, multimedia integration, and adoption of innovative technologies, the industry has to be geared up for much more. Media websites have to cater to thousands of concurrent users, round the clock, seven days a week and offer security all the time. Therefore, having the right web development platform is extremely crucial. Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal CMS, serves as an ideal choice because of features that address these challenges.

Here are Some Advanced Drupal 8 Functionalities That Make it The Best For Media Website Development:

Digital Asset Management: The online media industry has its core in its digital assets, which exist in the form of rich text, images, audios, videos, graphics, animations, etc. These assets have to be well-managed in terms of their distribution, usage rights and licensing. Drupal 8 enables management as well as licensing of digital assets. With this platform, it can be ensured that digital assets are well tracked and not misused.

Responsive Design: The latest version enables you to harness the impeccable feature of a Drupal Responsive Design. The platform has an edge over the older versions as it allows content to be published for any device. It is possible to resize the images for different screen sizes, device orientations, and resolutions. Also, it aligns the content and images automatically as it is viewed on different devices.

Multichannel Publishing: Another Drupal 8 Feature that makes it suitable for media websites is that it supports multi channel publishing with a centralized dashboard. The dashboard can be used to publish, unpublished, archive, and manage the content on numerous websites and mobile apps. Additionally, the centralized dashboard aggregates use information across the sites and apps and uses it with analytics to offer a personalized media experience.

Multi-lingual Support: Drupal 8 empowers global media businesses with the ability to handle as many as 100 different languages. It is possible to configure all the fields, forms, and messages in these languages so that the complexities of translation are reduced to the minimum.

Speed And Scalability: The improved caching mechanism of Drupal 8 takes the media websites one step ahead by enhancing their speed and scalability manifold. This also increases the mobile-friendliness of the platform as caching is now a part of its core. When it comes to scalability, the new version has the capability of supporting thousands of concurrent visitors at any point in time.

Security: Security is a big concern for online media websites because the hacking attacks on such sites have been growing in number. The security features of Drupal 8 were designed by cyber security specialists to ensure its stability. This is the reason why this platform is revered by publishers.

Customization: The unmatched customization capabilities of Drupal 8 make another good reason for choosing it as a platform for the media industry. Not only does it support content management but also allows delivery of customized visual experiences for the users. Moreover, the platform allows dynamic reviewing of the story drafts which facilitates default revision for publishing. Developers trust this platform for delivering high-end, personalized experience to the users.

Drupal 8 CMS, therefore, has become a game-changer for the media industry as it has brought a huge improvement in the way content is being delivered to the users. The platform suffices all the requirements that digital publishers have and takes online media to an entirely new level.

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