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Drupal is a popular CMS platform that keeps bringing version upgrades periodically. The next big step in the evolution of this platform is the upcoming release of Drupal 9, which is all set to come out in June 2020. Though there seems to be a lot of time, you may be tempted to ignore the event, specifically if you have recently opted for Drupal 8 Migration. However, you should start ideating a road map for the move sooner rather than later because soon it will be time to switch. Let us help you establish a road map that would ensure a seamless transition once this version is released.

A Background First!:- As there is still some time left for Drupal 9 Release, site owners and developers need to step backward and talk about Drupal upgrade from D6 or D7 to the D8 version. Though several tools have been devised for facilitating this move, the process is still challenging. The reason is that Drupal 8 is a major shift as it encompasses some new dependencies and a myriad of new features in Core. These structural disparities make upgrades tricky in themselves and these are complicated there are numerous modules that have to be secured and optimized for the new version.

Drupal 8 To 9 Upgrade: What To Expect?:- When you consider the complexities of upgrading to Drupal 8, moving on to Drupal 9 may seem even more daunting. But the good news is that the upcoming version is an extension of its predecessor. Rather than being built on a new core, it is built within D8. In fact, new features will be added to the latter as a backward-compatible code and these will even be available to the users as experimental features.

Since these features will be used by real users, the scope of improvement and modification before Drupal 9 release is extensive.

At the same time, the transition to the upcoming version is expected to be relatively easy as it will be more like a minor release instead of a path-breaking transition. The chances of glitches during the move will also be minimal. This obviously means that migration will be easy and quick for both, Drupal developers and users.

Drupal 7 To 9 Upgrade: What To Expect?:- For websites running on Drupal 7, there are two options. They can either continue move directly to D9 or opt for migration from D7 to D8 and then D9. This phase has to be completed by 2021 because that is the official End of Life for both these versions. Migrating directly from D7 to D9 may appear as a better alternative as it will be cost-effective and will take lesser time, considering that you need to undertake a single migration rather than two of them.

However, you need to consider the fact that D8 has stable upgrade paths for almost all modules, which will render simplicity for a move from D7 to D8 and subsequently D9. So businesses running their sites on Drupal 7 should better start planning an upgrade to the next version so that they are all set to embrace Drupal 9 once it hits the development landscape.

Planning For Drupal 9: What Next?:- With all the new features and updates that it is poised to bring, Drupal 9 seems as a lucrative option for organizations that have already invested in Drupal Development Services. The best approach would be to have a digital roadmap ready well in time. Though the release date of D9 is mid-2020, you cannot afford yo wait more than the mid of 2021. This is because the projected EOL of Drupal 8 is sometime near November 2021. Thus, even if you do not plan a move by 2020, you will not be in a position to postpone it after 2021.

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