Drupal 8 has arrived with much hype, it was not long before when Drupal 7 was launched creating a buzz in the market. There is no doubt about the fact that each new version of Drupal has lot of improvements and has taken care of drawbacks of earlier versions. However, with these many releases certain uncertainties also grow up.

Most of the developers are still in a dilemma to use the old version on which they have worked and know the limitations and performance or to use the latest version that promises to be better but they have not experienced it. As per the press release the latest version has lot of features to develop a robust website, but there are segment of people who opt to wait till this new version gets matured and then build the portal using it.

Now, there are certain guidelines that can be followed to decide the version of the Drupal to be used in the development of a web portal.

Complexity of Site:- If your site is simple then there is no need of jumping to the latest version as older version has everything for simple sites. However, if you want some advanced functions then it would be better to opt for the latest version.

Deadline:- It is for sure that developer would take more time in developing site using the latest versions as they need to get accustomed with the changes. So, if you want to deliver a project in lesser time then it would be better that you use older versions of Drupal 8. However, if turnaround time for the delivery of the portal is not an issue then it would be right site to try with latest version.

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