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It is typical to look for the best company out there. But before moving directly to the points to consider while selecting a Drupal development company, let’s look at some stats.  


 We can see in the graph that high-traffic websites use Drupal. Moreover, according to Wikipedia, Drupal provides an open-source backend framework for at least 14% of the top 10,000 websites across the world.  

 Now, let’s quickly look at the factors to consider while choosing the best Drupal development company.  


The Company Must Be Highly Efficient and Professional  

It is one of the crucial requirements. The company must have the ability to compete with its competitors effectively and provide efficient solutions to customers. Also, it must have a dedicated team of certified Drupal developers who have expertise in managing a high volume of content. 


It Must-Have Good Experience in Drupal Development 

You need to do little research about the company and its experience in Drupal customization and Drupal custom theme development. For the best Drupal eCommerce development company, it must work on Drupal customization. Moreover, this company must be able to deliver websites with minimum loading time in a given timeframe.  


Look at The Company’s Portfolio 

Looking at the portfolio will help you a lot to choose a Drupal eCommerce development company for creating your eCommerce website. Look at the websites that the company has created in the past. It will give you an idea of what kind of quality they give on their websites. Also, compare their past projects with your project requirements. It will give you an insight into the company.  


The Team Must Have a Good Communication System 

Effective communication is a critical component of any work and has a significant impact on the outcome. The company should be available for communication with you as a customer, which aids in the development of the website. Any updates or changes you wish to make should be properly communicated with the company. Meetings with the company regularly will keep you and the company up to date on all aspects of web development. 


The Organization Must Rely on Results-Oriented Development Practices 

Working with a results-driven company is critical to achieving your business goals through your website. Well-designed websites that generate leads, convert leads, build a positive brand reputation, and increase customer loyalty should move visitors through the site on purpose. Such websites will necessitate expertise in a variety of services, including web design, UX design, and digital strategy. 


They Must Be Part of the Drupal Community 

Perform a quick search on Drupal.org for the company you’ve chosen for Drupal development. It shows you all of the projects that the company has completed so far, as well as their contributions to the community, the modules that they have worked on, their profile, and the profiles of the Drupal developers. The company you intend to hire must be involved in the community. 


Must Provide Maintenance and Continuous Support 

A professional Drupal development company should be able to provide ongoing support and maintenance as the website, content, and functionalities change due to the addition of new features, new business segments, or rising end-user demands. 


Have A Handy Budget for the Company 

Yes, indeed, a small company cannot deliver a big project. This is because small companies don’t have processes and high experience which is required to manage a bigger team and track progress in a timeframe of long duration.  

A good company will ask you the budget first and only then it will move further on the project.  


Look at Quality of Monitoring and Processes, It Has 

Based on your industry type, you may have certain monitoring standards that must be followed. The company you choose must be complying with all of them. Also, before starting the search for the Drupal firm you should be quite clear about your capabilities as well as the potential of the business.   

Also, it should be easy for the Drupal agency to provide the level of monitory and processes that you require for your business. You can look at their past performances to know about its potential in monitoring and development.  

 Knowledge of Drupal Application Process Integration 

Drupal provides a hook system that allows any aspect of how Drupal works to be overridden. Ascertain that your company is familiar with this system. This hook system’s masters can do incredible things for your website.  

Do not hire an expert PHP developer to create something in Drupal. An experienced PHP programmer can quickly become a Drupal developer, but they will require extensive Drupal tools and features. 


Make Sure that They Have Team to Write Secure Drupal Code  

When kept up to date and properly implemented, Drupal is a very secure platform. The CMS even has its cyber security team, which responds to issues reported by the Drupal community and keeps developers busy with code updates. 


However, before introducing a custom module to build large websites, ensure that the agency you hire is well versed in best practices for writing secure Drupal code. Inquire with your prospective agency to ensure that their developers are aware of custom development in Drupal and that they adhere to the best web application security practices. 



Drupal is a popular content management system used by a big part of high-traffic attracting websites worldwide. It is famous for its scalability and endless flexibility. And the benefits it offers have helped hundreds of thousands of businesses grow exponentially. 


You looked at various points to consider while selecting the best Drupal development company for eCommerce. All these points ease your journey of finding the best-suited Drupal customization and custom theme development company for your project.  

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Q1. There are so many CMS choices available in the market. Why should I choose Drupal? 

Millions of websites and applications use Drupal, an open-source content management framework. Many of the web’s most prominent platforms are powered by it. It has long been the way that large and small businesses and organizations keep up with the demands of managing their content operations. 


It’s designed to make it simple to create flexible, structured content and link sophisticated integration tools. It’s also noted for its multi-site capabilities and extensive linguistic support. Check out our case studies to see why others have chosen Drupal. 

Q.2 Can I migrate a WordPress website to Drupal? 

Ans. Yes, sure! You can easily do it with the help of Drupal developers. They use certain modules such as WordPress Migrate to migrate your website to Drupal.  


Q3. What is a Drupal Module? 

Ans. Modules are sets of functions that add to Drupal’s functionality. They make it more functional. Perhaps you need to integrate with an email management tool that isn’t part of Drupal’s core functionality. You can either use a community-contributed module or create your own to provide that functionality. 


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