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Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the key metrics to measure the success of an e-commerce business. When a seller decides to sell online, he has to be prepared for the huge competition and multiple challenges that may cross his path. The solution for standing out is to adopt an out-of-the-box marketing plan. The right mix of SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, and other digital strategies are needed to get effective results.

Since a great variety is needed for creating this optimal mix, it becomes imperative to rely on a platform that is compatible with them all. Drupal is a reliable e-commerce platform, which not only supports digital strategies but also has unmatched features such as customization, scalability, integration, and more. Opting for Drupal Development for your website empowers you with its rich features and functionalities. These features can be used effectively to help the business for achieving a measurable ROI.

Here is How Expert Drupal Developers Can Use Them For Your Business

Using Content Marketing To Your Advantage:- Content marketing is perhaps the most challenging yet fruitful aspect of online selling as it involves creating such content that has value for customers. Drupal emerges as a winner because it enables the creation of multiple content types such as articles, blogs, events, ebooks, and more. The content can be disseminated through diverse channels so that it can reach the maximum number of potential buyers. It is also possible to harness the power of social media to extend the market reach of the content.

Personalization Is The Key:- Another way to improve the ROI is with data-driven personalization. Again, Drupal as a platform is suitable for offering personalized services as it has multilingual capabilities which enable the content to reach a diverse audience. Users get an enhanced experience, which makes them come back for more. Also, it improves the brand value of the business as users recognize it for the personalized services it offers.

Powerful Drupal Tracking And Metrics:- Another powerful feature that Drupal brings is that of tracking the key digital marketing metrics such as bounce rates, unique visits, total visits, and traffic sources. This helps marketers to classify conversions, evaluate page rankings, keyword performance, and content quality. Accordingly, they can come up with effective marketing strategies that enhance the ROI for the business.

The “Responsive” Advantage For Higher ROI:- A Drupal website is highly responsive which means that it can run as well on the mobile as it can on the computer. Being mobile-friendly increases its reach to a larger audience base consisting of smartphone users. As a result, digital marketers are empowered to design more focused marketing campaigns that improve content accessibility as well as customer engagement. This translates to increase in conversions along with a higher ROI for the business.

Seeing the extensive features of Drupal that drive a sound digital marketing strategy, it becomes clear that the platform is just right for businesses. Embracing this platform is, therefore, a smart decision for sellers who want to achieve high ROI for their business. The best way to do so is to find the right Drupal Agency. At Drupal India, we extend a full range of services, from Drupal development to Drupal Theme Customization, upgrade, migration, maintenance, and much more.

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