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The business landscape has witnessed an extensive transformation in the last decade, with a paradigm shift towards custom solutions. Each enterprise has unique needs and objectives, which they can fulfill by taking a well-planned road map. No wonder, the demand for tailor-made web applications has skyrocketed as a majority of businesses want to invest their money in result-oriented applications. While doing so, they need to understand the significance of choosing the right technology platform for building the application. Drupal, with its rich set of features, emerges as a winner for creating custom solutions for unique business needs. The framework has a robust technology base with the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP) Stack and extensive community support as well. Here are some more Drupal features that make it an apt choice for custom application development.

1. Clean Code and Easy Content Management:- The fact that sets Drupal apart from a majority of web development frameworks is its clean and easily modifiable code. It is a content management system that works even for the novice users. Although you will need the services of a professional Drupal Web Development Company to create the application, you can handle it on your own at the later stages. It is easy to publish and manage content as well as create and manage workflows on Drupal-based web applications.

2. Easy integration With Third-Party Tools:- Integration with third-party tools and technologies is a working essential for custom web applications. They need to do so to fulfill the entire range of requirements of the business. Drupal is perfect for this purpose as it can easily connect with third-party tools and access content from external sites and applications to render a highly-functional custom solution.

3. A Wide Choice of Themes and Modules:- Since the requirements of a business may be wide and unique, they need a platform that is capable of fulfilling them to provide a scalable web solution. Drupal comes with thousands of free to use themes and modules that can be used for extending the functionality of the application. There is also a choice of paid and custom themes and modules which can be used for web application customization.

4. Mobile-First Development is a Norm:- With Drupal, mobile-first development is a norm as the platform supports responsive sites and applications. The themes and modules have been tailored to render seamless experiences across a variety of devices, which translates into consistent user experiences for the application users.

5. Advanced Admin Controls:- A custom web application is a business asset that is used across the organization at multiple levels. Obviously, it will have numerous people in admin roles and should be enabled with excellent admin control system. Drupal provides advanced admin controls that facilitate customized permissions for the admins, without having to worry about security concerns.

6. Dependable Community Support:- Another reason that Drupal makes a great choice for custom web applications is that it offers dependable community support. Being an open-source platform, it has a global community of developers that keenly offers dependable support to the users in case they face challenges. This makes it a reliable choice for businesses who want to empower themselves with custom solutions.

Conclusion:- Drupal offers a huge scope for building diverse web applications with custom features, from a personal blog to an e-commerce store and corporate web applications. It is one platform that packs scalability, versatility, ease, and extensibility. At the same time, regular Drupal Upgrades are a proof of its consistent efforts to make improvements in itself. If you are looking to leverage the features of this platform to build a custom application for your business, get the services of a professional company to create a perfect solution that matches your requirements.

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