Drupal Moodle Integration – Leverage the Combination the Best E-Learning Tool and CMS

Undoubtedly, Drupal is one of the most thriving free, open-source content management systems that are used by many enterprises for creating and managing various web platforms. By combining your e-learning with Drupal using Drupal Moodle integration, you can get instant access to e-learning content, the ability to assign and sell course modules, and track the performance of e-learners right from the Drupal platform itself.

Combine the best-in-class open-source systems to create a powerful low-coding platform for the digitalization of learning and training processes with our Drupal Moodle integration services and solutions.

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is one of the industry-leading learning management systems that captures 20% of the LMS market with Blackboard second. It is a free, open-source learning management system that is capable of developing dynamic and highly-interactive learning systems that cater to the needs and goals of both education and corporate ecosystems. Since Moodle is open-source software, no license fee is charged, and therefore it is a highly cost-effective solution for the development and reliable support of many learning management solutions.

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Digitalize Your Learning and Training Processes with Drupal Moodle Integration Services

Drupal India is armed by a team of Drupal Moodle Integration experts who are proficient in both the best-in-class open-source software and will do their best to serve your business needs and goals. With years of experience in providing world-class Drupal Moodle integration services, we have orchestrated the most efficient implementation process to ensure the costs, time, and efforts are reduced while user/learner engagement is improved. Whether you’re a startup, small, medium, or large organization, with our Drupal Moodle integration service, you can not only cut down your costs, time, and effort but also maximize productivity and enhance the user experience.

Key Benefits of Drupal and Moodle Integration

Well-defined Workflow
Task Automation
Scheduled Reminders
Information/Resource Sharing
Homogeneous Updating of Information/Resources

Core Features of Our Drupal Moodle Integration Solutions

Easy Development

Single Sign-On (SSO)

You can instantly access your e-learning content from Drupal in Moodle with only one set of login credentials.

Mobile First

User/Learner Synchronization

This feature keeps user data and other relevant information up to date and in sync between Drupal and Moodle

Multilingual Ready

View Learning and Training Courses in Drupal

With the SSO feature, you can instantly gain access to all learning and training materials in Moodle and track your e-learner’s performance.

Enhanced Performance

E-commerce Integration

Boost your e-commerce revenue with Drupal Moodle e-commerce integration which empowers you to sell your e-courses online.

Easy To Integrate

Automatic User Enrollment

When e-learners purchase a course or course packages, the courses are automatically made available to the e-learner or e-learners you select.

Configuration Management

Online Portal

Our Drupal Moodle integration solution makes Drupal to be used as an online portal for schools, e-commerce business, and an intranet

Additional Features of Our Drupal Moodle Integration Solutions

Drupal Architect


Gamification incorporates leaderboards, badges, and a reward points system to motivate e-learners and maximize user engagement and knowledge retention.

Drupal Frontend Developer

Social Learning

Social learning allows e-learners to watch useful videos or read a related article and rewards them for the progress they achieved outside the four walls of their classroom.

Drupal Backend Developer

Mobile Learning

Allow your e-learners to access courses on any device with mobile learning technology.

Drupal Backend Developer

Personalized and Timely Reports

With our Drupal Moodle Integration, you can easily prepare custom reports.

Why Choose Us for Drupal Moodle Integration Services?

  • We have a strong team of Drupal professionals who seamlessly integrate Moodle with the Drupal platform.
  • We combine cutting-edge technologies with our expertise to create next-gen solutions.
  • We are committed to delivering solutions in time.
  • We offer quality-rich services at attractive prices.
  • We have 200+ happy clients with a 100% satisfaction rate.
drupal 8 development team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have an expert team of professionals who will provide you complete training of our Drupal Moodle Integration solution.

Yes, our proficient Drupal experts can seamlessly integrate Drupal commerce with Moodle.

Some of the third-party modules that we use in Drupal Moodle integration include Drupal Commerce, Drupal Moodle, Moodle Connector, and Totara Drupal and many others.

Maximize Your User Engagement with Drupal-Moodle Integration and Achieve Better Learning Results.

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