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Enterprises these days look to expand their business in the global market for higher revenue and brand reputation. To reach the global audience it is important to have a website built in local language which users prefer. To build a multilingual website, the best CMS recommended by the experts is Drupal. The selection of CMS plays a significant role in expanding a business. Drupal’s latest version has all the necessary features a developer needs to build a smooth and engaging website.

Why Drupal 8?

If your business is in the need of quickly building customized sites in a user-centric local language or a multilingual web application having dynamic, language-specific layouts, Drupal 8 is a perfect option. Without requiring any additional components, Drupal 8 Multilingual functionality can be integrated into a website. Drupal’s inbuilt support for language handling helps enterprises in delivering localized experiences to their customers ultimately saving time and money. Drupal 8 comes with different features for localizing content on the website.

1. Multilingual Customization:- The best feature of Drupal 8 is its easy customization. It hardly matters if you have a website or are simply planning to build one. Drupal Developer can easily build multilingual sites from scratch, as well as can add new languages to existing websites. Languages can easily appear on the website at any moment you like. This has completely transformed the business operation on the global front.

2. Base Language Choice:- During Drupal installation, any language can be selected from the given list as the base language, not only English. By default, an interface translation will be offered, so it will be simple to work with the website from the beginning and later. You can also change your web site’s default language when you wish to do so.

3. 100+ Language:- The list of given languages for a website is very impressive as it provides enterprises to cover their audience situated in any corner of the world. The other benefit Drupal 8 offers are if the desired language is not present on the list, it can be easily added through a special language code. With more than 100 language present hardly any place would be available to target.

4. Easy Language Configuration:- The language configuration has been simplified and the user can easily assign a language to taxonomy terms as well as the administrative language. You can even change the by default English language to the preferred one. Each user has the liberty to select his or her own language from the admin interface. In addition to that, the browser language can be easily configured using external language codes. There is also a built-in translator for the device names.

5. Interface Translation:- Interface translation functionality offers a central module to manage interface. It has predefined translation UI for performing simple content editing work. By performing automatic downloads and updates, it allows users to use any translation interface present in the Drupal community. English language interface can also be customized as per the requirement. There is no restriction to have English as the default language of the website.

6. Language Selection Switch:- The additional feature you can provide to your users is the availability of handy language switches. Furthermore, Drupal 8 also detect preferred language by analyzing the user’s IP address, URL, browser settings, session, and more. This can be easily set up in the language selection and detection tab.

Wrapping Up:- English has been the primary language of every business to reach the target audience. But it has been observed that non-English language users are also growing at a rapid pace. Reaching them is necessary for every business enterprise for growing customer base and establishing the brand in global markets. Your content plays a vital role in website traffic, conversion rates and customer retention. It is important to select the right CMS before planning to make your website multilingual.

Drupal 8 has made huge modifications to include the multilingual feature. It builds multilingual websites by key modules including language, interface, and configuration. You can build a website the way you want it to look and work.

So if you are looking for:

• a perfect multilingual website
• migrate to Drupal 8
• new website from scratch

simply contact a reputed Drupal Development Company. Drupal India is a reputed company having resources to build, customize, and migrate a website. We are committed to building a quality website that will engage new customers and retain existing ones.

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