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Drupal 9 is the most recent version and it is riddled with many myths.  They can be just as harmful as half-truths. They often don’t have a solid, fact-based foundation. If believed, myths could severely damage our life—and the business world. We live in a highly advanced world where new inventions increasingly dictate how we live and do business. What if such technologies were judged solely based on myths rather than a practical approach? Then there’s a chance we haven’t utilized anything yet. 

Myths That Must Not Mislead You 

We have listed some of the most popular Drupal CMS related myths. And that’s not all. Are you curious about the facts that make the platform so efficient? We got you covered. Read on. 

1. Using is a strenuous task 

Every language comes with lots of opportunities and side effects too. But, what to make up the story of its difficulties before even trying it! When compared it is more complex than other CMS platforms with high system requirements and many more. But its ability to solve highly complex problems for customizable websites is impeccable. 

It provides many edges, such as a large community, scalability, security, database flexibility, etc. Drupal’s broad functionalities may cause some overheads to handle the code. But its comprehensive nature helps the developers to use its services efficiently. 

2. Migration and up-gradation are invincible 

Testing and maintenance of every language is a tiring process. You never know which part would invite vulnerabilities in the future. Website development requires maintenance and up-gradation whenever needed for better performance. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities for any of its application development projects, all of which are simple to use and test.  

Drupal versions 7, 8, and 9 have many modifications from previous versions. You only need to follow simple steps to upgrade your Drupal services. Moreover, handling the operations of up-gradation and maintenance is a cup of tea for expert Drupal developers. 

3. Doesn’t support content creation 

Another myth that must debunk is that it does not give support for content creation. Drupal’s extensive support for admin interface enables developers to create, edit and publish media files. It also provides editors to use drag and drop at the front end without any code. 

 This factor is a plus point for non-technical people. It allows making multiple revisions via any platform and screen like tablets. It also helps to track all the replacement history for developer convenience. While it is an open-source platform that allows for developing a manageable website and content. 

4. Older versions inefficient after Drupal 9 

As we formerly indicated, when Drupal upgraded, a rumor sparked that deserves to be put to rest as quickly as possible. There are many positive increments in the new version. Drupal 9 provides high customer support, better performance, headless CMS, improved code base, etc. Therefore, the advancement in the features of the variant is not a big deal. Drupal 9 builds on Drupal 8, so you can expect the same user experience. Drupal 9 provides new functionalities, but the previous versions are no less. 

5. Creates a hole in our pocket 

Before considering any platform for application, financial investment remains the focal point for firms. And there’s a fallacy that it is too expensive for small businesses to use. Drupal is an open-source platform and works on PHP.  

This fact alone is a severe blow to the rumors. Yes, open-source software isn’t completely free, especially installation and upkeep. Hiring Drupal experts to accomplish this would undoubtedly be costly. On the other hand, especially when compared to proprietary software, which comes with a licensing charge. It usually involves the hiring of expert developers who are not always inexpensive.  

6. Not SEO-friendly 

SEO takes your Drupal-made website to the next level.  It has a set of features that helps you to use the best of SEO. Why wouldn’t Drupal cooperate with SEO? It is constantly updated with the most recent SEO recommendations, ensuring that you are aware of and prepared to address all. Because it is an SEO module, it keeps you on top of all SEO-related duties and reminds you of them. It has taken care of all aspects of SEO, including module highlights, URL tags, modification, and interactivity. 

7. Inefficient with multi-sites 

There are numerous businesses which so many secondary branches. They all are a replica of one another, having similar features and functions. Another myth is that it is impossible to construct databases for these different websites. It has a multi-site setup that is quite efficient and capable of handling all the requirements. You’ll be able to manage all your Drupal sites running on the same Drupal core version, which will save your time. Because all of your sites would share the same codebase, you’d be able to update them all at the same time when a new version was released. 

8. Terrible with new technologies 

During any application development, whether mobile or desktop. We use different advanced technologies to make it more appealing to potential customers. Now, Drupal is blamed for refusing to work with new technology, which is complete fluff! Drupal’s abundance of content-heavy sites necessitates the usage of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the user experience. The application of artificial intelligence on Drupal sites like chatbots, cognitive search, and digital voice assistants like Alexa is the most justified response to the absurdly baseless allegation. It interacts well with the technologies and the developers by providing its services. 

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It is a perfect content management system. With its outstanding features and functions, it has helped many tech giants. And they have created an impact in the market with its development services. Drupal 9 has even more opulent features to admire.

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What is the best usage of Drupal? 

Even though there are numerous options to pick from, It is the best choice for large and sophisticated websites. Drupal is a flexible, scalable, and secure platform for application development. It provides support for huge content and high-traffic websites. 

What advantages does Drupal 9 provide? 

Following are the advantages Drupal 9 provides. 

  • Enhanced Performance 
  • Improved Code 
  • Empowered e-commerce 
  • Highly user-interactive 
  • Easy Up-gradation 
Is Drupal 9 headless? 

Drupal 9 builds on 8’s API-first architecture, and it remains the market leader in headless and decoupled CMS solutions. The front-end technology used in headless or decoupled solutions might vary slightly. 

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