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E-commerce has emerged as the most dominant business trend of this decade. Buyers have shifted their inclination from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores as the latter seems like a more attractive proposition. As a result, more and more sellers are keen on investing in online stores where they can showcase their products and services to capture the attention of online shopping enthusiasts. Building a successful e-commerce business is not only about delivering high quality in products and services, but also offering a compelling user experience. What really matters is the ease which the potential buyers are able to avail while they browse through the online store and pick their favourite products.

While the user interface and navigation of the store are vital, the checkout process is actually the pivot of the online shopping process. Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways formulate the core of the checkout process. The seamless functioning of these two features is essential to ensure that the shopper completes the transaction and returns for more in the future. The choice of the right platform is of great significance to deliver the perfect experience for the buyer. Drupal E-commerce Development is one choice that empowers the sellers to provide a seamless experience with the shopping carts as well as payment gateways.

Shopping Carts In Drupal:- Shopping cart refers to the virtual cart where the user picks and collects the products of his choice. Further, the shopping cart is carried ahead in the checkout process to complete the purchase of these products. Drupal offers an array user-friendly and flexible shopping cart modules that facilitate easy checkout on the online store. The platform brings an option to integrate with third-party solutions such as Drupal Commerce, UberCart, Currency Cart, Commerce Features Cart, and more. Each of these bundles up specific features and functionalities for running an e-commerce store. The store owner can make a choice based on his requirements and the payment mode to be used.

Payment Gateways In Drupal:- A payment gateway refers to an e-commerce service which facilitates the processing of credit card and other online transactions. The gateway acts as a bridge for exchanging information between the payment portal and the bank so that the payment can reach securely from the buyer to the seller. Drupal e-Commerce brings the feature of payment integration, with the options of on-site and off-site:

  • In the on-site method, the payment is processed using third-party APIs and web services. The credentials of the customer’s credit/debit are retrieved from the checkout form.
  • Conversely, the off-site method redirects the customer to a payment gateway. In this case, processing is done by sending details to the buyer’s bank and receiving it back to the seller’s account.

The Payment module of Drupal serves as an easy and useful platform which supports multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Ogone, iDEAL, and etc. Once the payment is done, its summary can be seen on the Drupal website. Additionally, the platform brings a pluggable module Payment Gateway API which enables accepting payments on the website through an API. The seller can have multiple payment gateways attached to the online store and conveniently switch from one gateway to another when he needs to.

These powerful features offered by Drupal make it an excellent e-commerce platform that can be trusted for building high-performance online stores. Availing Drupal Development Services for your online store is the best way to strengthen the foundation of your business.

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