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Project management may seem to be easy for everybody else but to the one who has the responsibility. The main objective of efficient project management is to complete the project in less time, within budget, and without any hassle. To achieve this goal, a project manager has to ensure proper planning, strategizing, and communication. When it comes to Drupal Project Management, it becomes quite easier to handle the project with the availability of Drupal Project Management Tools which is a complete suite with several components structured as Drupal modules.

As a leading Drupal 8 development company, we follow the best practices and approaches to ensure on-time delivery of Drupal projects. From Drupal website design to development to support and maintenance, there is a lot more to Drupal project management other than project tools and modules. We have discussed some valuable Drupal project management tips that help us ensure timely project delivery.

Best Practices for Drupal Project Management

1. Preparation & Planning

No matter what approach or methodology you employ or what is the type of project, Drupal needs thorough preparation and planning. From business goals and timeframes, you need to be very clear with what your client wants and this is possible if work closely with them. Also, obtaining feedback from your Drupal 8 development team will help you in your planning and preparation process. This will help you come with viable timeframes and be prepared with requirements, work conditions, and inter-dependencies.

2. Ensure Open Communication

Make sure your communication is always open. Whether it is your in-house team, your client, or your end-users, every feedback and suggestion is valuable. Having open communication ensures better Drupal 8 development and management as it allows you to discuss challenges, hurdles, risks associated with the Drupal project. This helps you focus better on the project goals and needs.

3. Effective Time Management

Time is money! Therefore, time management is crucial for a successful Drupal project. You need to have expertise in managing your time well to ensure faster project completion. With Drupal 8 development, everything can be divided into smaller tasks for your team. Regardless of the project size and type, splitting your project into multiple smaller tasks helps your team gain better visibility and effectiveness.

Moreover, with Drupal module development, your project can be completed in lesser time and effort.

4. Ask for Feedbacks

Always grab an opportunity to receive feedback from your team, clients, consultants, and whoever is involved in the project development. Feedbacks are essential for bringing new enhancements and improvements to your project to help clients stay ahead in the competition. So, never hesitate to ask for feedback.

5. Ensure 100% Transparency

You need to maintain 100% transparency between your team, client, and the extended project team. You should consider keeping everyone in a loop throughout the development cycle. This helps in establishing trust and open communication between the Drupal 8 development team members. For example, if there’s a genuine delay in delivering clients’ Drupal projects, then you must inform them immediately. As far as possible, avoid situations where your clients are searching for you for any updates or requirements.

6. Strong Teamwork

Teamwork is what supports the successful and hassle-free development of the Drupal project. Whether it is Drupal website support, Drupal web development, Drupal project deployment, or Drupal migration, strong teamwork can achieve any goal. To strengthen your bond with your team, you can carry out some fun activities once in a while as these activities improve engagement and help employees work more efficiently. In fact, Drupal development companies across the globe organize Drupal con and Drupal meetings to strengthen bonding between developers worldwide.

7. Tools and Platform Expertise

Be it Drupal website development or Drupal migration, you need to hire Drupal developers who hold strong expertise with the platform, tools, and modules so that they can successfully deliver your Drupal project. The developers need to keep pace with the latest tools, technologies, and trends. While some tools available in the market help you break down your project into smaller tasks, other tools provide additional features and capabilities for efficient Drupal project management. Some of the leading tools include Jira, Zoho, Trello, Redmine, and more. Also with Drupal module development, you can accelerate your Drupal web development process.

Final Thought

Handling any project without any proper project management won’t lead you a long way. With so many requirements, workloads and stress, it is important to hire Drupal developers with the right skills that can help you complete the project on time. Moreover, staying accountable and knowing all the facets of project management will help you achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.1. Can you help migrate to Drupal from any other platform?

Yes. We offer professional Drupal migration services to ensure a fast, reliable, and smooth transition of your website and data from any other platform to Drupal.

Q.2. Do you provide post-development support for the Drupal project?

Yes, we offer post-development Drupal website support and maintenance services to help you overcome all your challenges, enhance your website or application, and stay ahead in the competition.

Q.3. Can you build a custom Drupal module for my project?

Yes. We specialize in delivering custom Drupal module development services to add unique features and capabilities to your Drupal website and application. Hire Drupal developers from us to build fully customized Drupal modules that meet your specific needs.

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