Security is perhaps the biggest concern for online websites as hacking is becoming a widespread phenomenon across the globe. There are threats like hackers sending spam emails or illegal files from the websites. The risk is amplified for banking and e-commerce websites as they house the key personal and financial information of the customers. For this reason, businesses look for such web development platforms that pack impeccable security features. Drupal is one such platform that can be relied on for minimising the risk of getting hacked. By opting for Drupal Website Design, you can avail the platform’s amazing features and have a website that boasts of superb security. Here are the advanced features that make Drupal a super-secure platform:

Built-In Security Features:- The platform has a range of built-in security features that make it extremely reliable. It offers refined access controls, with access to configuration files completely locked down. In case you try to access a file by typing it in the address bar, you will be directed to Access Denied/Page Not Found page within the site. Similarly, Drupal encrypts all the passwords in the database by default. Additionally, the security can be beefed up by availing contributed modules such as Secure Login, Password Policy, and Two-factor Authentication.

Extensive Community Support:- With a huge community of thousands of Drupal Developers, there is extensive security support for the websites built on this platform. The chances of any security threat going unnoticed are minimum. This is the reason why the platform comes up with regular updates that stronghold its security as soon as any issue is detected. Moreover, the community encourages the sharing of best practices publicly, whether it is about the core patches or contributed modules. This means that the entire community of developers across the globe have access to the reliable new features and updates.

Stringent Implementations:- The modules that are contributed to the Drupal CMS have to go through a stringent implementation process. They are to be tested by the core team before being approved for public use on the community platform. These strict security protocols further add to the trustworthiness of the platform.

Today, Drupal is one of the most widely used platforms that powers up millions of websites. These include e-commerce stores to government websites, as well as those of banks and financial institutions. Security is extremely significant for these sites as they have critical data on them. As they choose the Drupal platform, it can be well adjudged that these websites place their trust in the incredible security features it offers.

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