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Content is King and if the website content is unique as well as relevant it will surely drive visitors in large number. Content is present on the web as well as mobile responsive pages. If a website having all important elements like engaging design, great appearance and smooth navigation, but still not getting visitors than it is lacking SEO technique. Most of the websites require SEO, but with Drupal CMS, a website gets inbuilt SEO features that help in better ranking. It is a process of being found by your consumers and potential audience. Most website owners think it’s all about keywords that is a common misconception. You need to create relevant content and of course, follow Google’s ranking factors. A CMS is the main soul of your website development and management. The CMS you opt for your website development will play an important role in your SEO efforts.

3 Ways Drupal Boosts Website Rank on SERP

If you are looking to effortlessly promote your website and reach the potential audience, then don’t look other than the Drupal. It was built with SEO standards in mind. It has the tools, elements and power to optimize the website for SERP. This CMS is far superior to other CMSs available in the market currently.

1. Implement Meta Tags:- Meta tags are small text that is important when it is about improving the website’s search ranking. It informs search engines about the content on each page of the website. Content could of any type ranging from the titles of the pages to small descriptions present below the website links on a results page. Website admin and search engine require this information to properly index the site for search results. Usually, the search engine generates a page’s metadata, but with Drupal Meta tag module, metadata can be easily customized. Customize your own data like page titles and descriptions to properly present the website to the online world.

2. Boost Page Speed:- For search engines speed of the website plays a significant factor in the rankings of the website. Websites loading faster have users that engage for a longer duration, hence it’s not only search engines that are pleased with the speed. You need to put some efforts to speed up your website, but with Drupal, several measures are predefined to load the page faster. Website owners have to keep in mind that users can access the website from mobile devices as well. In the last few years, a major shift has been observed more and more people are browsing from smartphones. It’s important to make it friendly for mobile devices as well. Drupal Developer integrates default theme making website responsive on all mobile screens without having any complication.

3. Install Google Analytics:- Optimizing website for better engagement can be a tough task to do when proper knowledge about basic things is lacking like traffic, conversion rate and ROI. Installing Google Analytics helps to access such information in a proper manner, and for SEO experts it is the most important tool to have. With Google Analytics, proper details about the site visitors like their source, links they follow, pages they explore, time spent and keywords they search are provided. For SEO, proper information about the website from the search engine is valuable and can help to make decisions. You can provide your website information to search engine in the form of an XML sitemap. It is a specially formatted summary of the page content that you can submit to the search engine to make sure they find your site. With Drupal, an XML sitemap is easy to generate like installing the XML sitemap module, and other modules that can automatically update your sitemap with the latest information from your website.

Wrapping Up:- Drupal is a perfect choice for the websites to rank high on search engines. The whole idea behind Drupal CMS Development was to enable the development of digital experiences that is user-oriented. The best thing about this CMS is its open-source nature that provides developers to integrate best SEO tools for higher ranking. Drupal India is a reputed development company having proper resources to build client oriented websites keeping their requirements in mind.

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