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These days, website development is not a hard job to perform. Anyone can build a website with the help of online tools and technologies offered in 2021 without having any coding knowledge. Content Management System (CMS) is a platform which allows building fully-functional websites without coding. The platform is used to create and manage websites without any hassles. But there are multiple CMS available for development work. Drupal and WordPress are the most popular ones. This explains why Drupal vs WordPress are important before any selection.

Drupal and WordPress are used to build websites ranging from simple blogging websites to sophisticated E-commerce portals. When it comes to website building, people get confused which CMS they should prefer to build their sites. Many people find it difficult to make a selection. Are you one of these people? Then in this blog post, we will be comparing Drupal vs WordPress and understand whether you should hire Drupal developers for website development or not.

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is old CMS serving person from last two decades but it has same importance in 2021 as well. It’s observed that over 3% of the global websites are Drupal CMS based while its community has 1.5 million members. Currently Drupal 8 is the latest version but in next few months Drupal 9 is going to be released for users.

Here are some notable sites based on Drupal CMS:

  • wmg.com
  • wholefoodsmarket.com
  • tesla.com
  • economist.com
  • whitehouse.gov

Introduction to WordPress

A major misconception among people regarding WordPress is that it’s mainly used for blogging purpose. While it was initially started as a blogging tool, but today you can build a website as per your requirement from scratch. Released in 2003, WordPress is used by over 60 millions websites including 35% of the top 10 million websites as per latest reports.

Here are some notable sites based on WordPress CMS:

  • time.com
  • techcrunch.com
  • thenewyorker.com
  • nationalarchives.gov.uk
  • sony.com

Now, let’s break down the differences between Drupal Vs WordPress CMS.

1. Ease of use

As compared to WordPress, Drupal seems perplexing due to a complex interface. In addition, installing Drupal is pretty simple as different hosts offer the option to install multiple CMSs including Drupal in the backend. With this platform, you will need to hire Drupal web developer to build a customized theme as building a custom theme is difficult without expert guidance.

It is quite simple to start from scratch and build a fully-functional website in WordPress. It is a perfect platform when it comes to build a website with limited knowledge. In fact, ease of use is a major reason behind it remarkable popularity. But seeing its popularity, the release of Drupal 8 version has helped non-developer, content authors to easily customize the website in 2021 as well.

2. Website security

Drupal is a highly secured and with less number of users, it is much securer than WordPress CMS. Security is a crucial feature for Drupal CMS. Its security is updated on regular basis by the Drupal Support & maintenance team. This makes it more powerful in terms of data security. However, there is some vulnerability that needs to be addressed.
Website security is a major concern for website owners. While every CMS offers a secure environment to build and manage websites. But WordPress is the prime target for most of the hackers. WordPress at its core is secure and robust but still it needs a lot of improvements.

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3. Speed

When it comes to having an amazing user experience and higher ranking of site on search engine, a fast-loading feature is a must. Your website might be the most beautiful & engaging, but it’s not worth if it lacks fast speed. This feature is important in old days and in 2021 it has become a must. Drupal enables development of fast-loading and high-performing websites. The main reason behind its fast-loading is Drupal is not highly resource-intensive. You can outsource Drupal web developers to build websites with hundreds of pages with fast loading.

Speed is a major shortcoming of WordPress CMS. But it doesn’t mean that the websites can’t be fast. Several developers lack to optimize their website in the right manner that’s the major reason why websites lag behind in terms of speed. Using too many plugins, third-party themes, and lack of optimized websites are the major reasons for slow websites.

4. Development Cost

While both Drupal and WordPress are open-source, there are costs required with website development on both platforms. If you need to hire Drupal developers it will tend to be more costly than the WordPress developers simply because there are less of them.

Drupal has made numerous efforts to include frameworks like Symfony that are very common in the PHP community. PHP developers can easily learn Drupal now than they could in the past. This opens up the market for Drupal developers, making it more useful and ultimately reducing the costs needed for website development.

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Both Drupal vs WordPress Web development offer a wide cluster of themes and plugins. Simultaneously, WordPress has a lead over Drupal. WordPress offers more than 30,000 theme choices in contrast with Drupal 2800 as it were. Thus, WordPress is better in such a manner. Both of these CMs stages offer free and paid variants for Themes and plugins.

A significant degree of adaptability is another element that makes WordPress a superior determination. WordPress at present offers more than 58000 plugins in contrast with Drupal 46000 plugins. The greater number of plugins is certainly an or more point for WordPress. Be that as it may, You won’t observe any issue finding an appropriate module on Drupal according to your necessity.

In this way, Drupal and WordPress are equivalent here.

6.Themes and Plugins

When it comes to Drupal themes vs WordPress themes you need to be an expert website developer. In case you are not an expert website specialist, you will require a theme for the site. Additionally, in case you are not a software engineer, you will need plugins and plugins that will add features to the site. Both Drupal vs WordPress permits you to introduce layouts and expansions, however, they do it another way.


The famous CMS offers many WordPress Themes and plugins that assist clients with broadening their ordinary site. With no specialized information, everybody will add and change the elements of their websites. Since there are such countless accessible expansions, it is feasible to find basically anything that you want for your site.

There are even thousands more exceptional things that are typically coded better and accompanied by proficient help. In this way, with WordPress, you truly can’t say you are missing something.


Albeit not as close to as famous as WordPress, it shocks Drupal elements with such an immense number of accessible augmentations. In contrast to WordPress, you should leave the framework and physically look for the module before you can introduce them. Albeit not an issue for somebody who’s great with PCs, amateurs may move frightened off by the whole cycle.


Since you’re searching for more than simply writing for a blog stage, you must have great help for it. The intricacy of your site may cause you problems. All in all, what sort of assist with canning do you expect with WordPress vs Drupal?


WordPress has an enormous web-based local area that is consistently prepared to help. When you begin assembling a site, we recommend joining official discussions and care groups. There are additionally countless internet-based assets, instructional exercises, video directs, and digital recordings that will show you everything WordPress.


Actually, like WordPress and Joomla, Drupal has a functioning web-based local area. So you can anticipate exhaustive documentation, support gatherings, client gatherings, visit rooms, and different assets. Every one of them will assist you with taking care of issues free of charge.

Drupal is notable for its Marketplace that attempts to interface clients to designers. This is an incredible method of tracking down proficient assistance. Shockingly, recruiting experts will most likely set you back more than employing somebody for WordPress-related work.


Drupal Accessibility

Drupal has been focused on guaranteeing that all Drupal center elements meet the rules set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), WCAG 2.0, and ATAG 2.0. where conceivable. This drive began with the Drupal 7 availability guidelines and has since been retroactively added back to Drupal 6.

WordPress Accessibility

WordPress means to make the WordPress Admin and packaged themes completely WCAG 2.0 AA consistent where conceivable. The openness group has made an availability handbook and works with designers making new themes and plugins to give best practices and direction during the advancement stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Drupal better than WordPress?

If you need multiple page templates or content types, Drupal is better equipped to handle your needs. The user permissions are also more advanced than WordPress CMS. With Drupal, you have site admins, content editors, and individuals to access private content.

2. Is Drupal a good choice?

Drupal is the best choice for web beginners, though it requires minimum and some basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP just in order to manage the site.

3. Why Drupal is the best?

With over one million users across the globe, Drupal is one of the top website solutions as it is robust and flexible in infrastructure with innovative design, and open-source modules. In addition organizations get access to countless free tools and information to build right features and functionality design.


Choosing the right CMS is an important decision, which will have a huge impact on your business. Once created, the website will be a successful venture on the internet. Even a single problem with website might put its stake at risk. Thus, choosing a CMS is an important step towards making a successful website. Based on the points above, we can easily see that Drupal is a secure, fast and robust CMS having several excellent features. In addition 24/7 Drupal support and maintenance team is present to guide the users in case of any emergency with the website.

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