Drupal module development

The speciality of a CMS is that it can be used to add and modify content without the help of a developer, allowing a site ad-min to keep a website updated. The Drupal CMS offers a range of modules that allow a website admin to do the same. Let us know about these modules in some detail:

WYSIWYG Editor:- 
The module allows one to produce high-quality content for their website without having to code in a mark-up language. The module is especially relevant for owners of a purely content-based Drupal Website.

Drupal Module Filter:- 
The module allows the admin to find a module that is either enabled or disabled or required on their Drupal website. The module is especially relevant for websites that are integrated with many modules.

Views Bulk Operation:- 
With this module, a site admin can perform bulk actions such as publishing and deleting on displayed rows of a view. Moreover with the use of complementary modules, one can render the module for added functionality. For instance, the Views Send module uses the Views Bulk Operations to send personalized bulk e-mails.

Scheduler Module:- The module allows a site admin to schedule the publication of posts, enabling him to keep a website updated even when he is not on the job.

NavBar:- The module renders a mobile friendly look to the admin navigation toolbar. The module is especially relevant at a time when everyone including site admins find mobiles as a more convenient option for operation.

Coffee:- The module allows one to navigate the admin page with the use of the keyboard, ultimately making the admin work faster. It can be enabled with the alt+k keyboard shortcut, and as a site admin one can later browse onto admin pages by typing them out.

Thus, with the deployment of the above-mentioned modules, you can render simplicity to the work of a Drupal website admin.

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