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When selecting the right technology for launching a new website or redesigning an existing one, ambiguous details will make it challenging to decide. If you’re going with Drupal website development, then you might have questions like, is Drupal right for your business website? Will it help you design a highly intuitive website? Your Concern is about website development cost with Drupal web design is also discussed in this blog. Also this article, we will be addressing all these queries to help you make a better decision for your business. Now, let’s see what makes Drupal website development advantageous for your business.

What Drupal Offers?

  • Better Control

Drupal is more like a content management platform than a content management system. This means that you are free to build any type of web application, such as a website, portal, or intranet, as well as a content management system.

  • Safe & Secure

As Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS), its source code is minutely scrutinized. The code that runs it is open source, which means you can review, use, add, and change it for free. When the codebase is made accessible in this way, you need to ensure that it is of high quality.

Since it is open-source software, there are thousands of pairs of eyes monitoring it at all times. Proprietary code manufacturers cannot guarantee this; when using a closed-source system, you are not aware of potential security bugs that are present which is not the case with Drupal.

  • SEO-Friendly

Drupal development helps you build SEO-friendly websites. Drupal code is written very semantically and can use alt and title tags for images and other uploaded media which improves the SEO. Drupal offers plenty of modules like SEO Compliance Checker, the SEO Checklist, Metatag, the Global Direct, Search 404, the XML sitemap, and more.

  • Advanced Solution

Drupal provides responsive themes to help developers build mobile-friendly websites for enhanced user experience. Drupal 8 comes with a significant feature that is the configuration in the code part, which means the format will not be stored in a database anymore. The only thing it should put in your content management system’s database is content.

  • Multilingual Support

Language management support provides localized digital products, which saves time and money.  Drupal 8 includes four core modules that help in the translation of all web content. So, you don’t have to write separate code for different website’s languages.

The Drupal CMS offers workflows for configuration and website content translation and provides an interface language for content creators and administrators. This helps business organizations to communicate in the native language of their customers.

Drupal 8 can be installed in more than 90 languages without requiring any external components. Once you install Drupal, you can download the language packages and install them automatically and securely without interfering with your customized translations. So, whether you want to build customized websites in your preferred language or a multilingual web application with intuitive, language-based displays, Drupal is an ideal solution for businesses.

You can Hire drupal developers to build a multilingual web application.

Drupal Content As a Service

If you want your web designers to create engaging user interactions, Drupal content as a service approach will help you to think beyond the page-based box. Drupal’s CaaS solution offers reusable and future-ready materials. Isolating the backend system from the frontend also enables frontend developers to instantly adjust the web design.

Moreover, web designers can create enhanced experiences by taking advantage of Angular, Backbone, Ember, etc. and Drupal’s presentation-neutral content as well as RESTful API. Content ingestion from third-party sources, including aggregators and syndicators, can bring range into the Drupal environment which can then be distributed to any channel. Content can be easily accessed by other websites and applications using Drupal’s CaaS capability.

Online content is no longer offered to a web page for use in a web browser. If you’re looking for content versatility to deliver an exceptional digital experience, you should adopt Drupal’s content as a service approach.

How Can Drupal Website Development Help Businesses

How Can Drupal Website Development Help Businesses?

The Drupal Values and Principles focus on the behavior and culture that all group members are supposed to follow. These principles guide both technical as well as non-technical decisions and showcase how contributors and thought leaders can assist the Drupal community and the project.

Here are the examples that demonstrate the ideals and principles that Drupal has provided to businesses across the globe over the years.

  • Impressive Website

Drupal values have played a significant role in influencing business enterprises that have a crucial role in their development. It is compelled to be reckoned with when developing simple, open, and secure software for everyone to use. Invest in a Drupal web development company if you want to build an impactful website.

  • Nurturing Unity

Drupal aims at building a learning atmosphere that nurtures community. It fulfills this by uplifting every member in the group by communal decision-making and inspiring others to participate.

In this effort, all are encouraged to take on leadership roles to uplift society. For a common business workflow, Drupal web design and development is the best option for you.

  • Aiming at Achieving Excellency

Achieving excellence in a web development project, Drupal helps you to continuously reevaluate and make improvements quickly, making your project best-in-class. If you want to get the best out of your business website, Drupal web design is the way to go.

  • Improved Treatment

The Drupal Community strives to remove any intolerance towards others. It aims at understanding each other and offering positive animation to be hopeful. Selecting a content management system that treats people with integrity and equality is the best choice.

  • Enjoying While You Innovate

Everyone wants to enjoy when working on a project. Drupal allows developers to enjoy themselves while tweaking and innovating something new with Drupal. If you want to add an element of fun, creativity, and innovation to your project, Drupal development is the solution.

What New Drupal Website Development Has to Offer?

The Drupal community released a major update in Drupal 8 to make Drupal more effective and user-friendly. Drupal 8.6 provides an enhanced user experience for both marketers and content editors. It also provides easy installation and reliable updates for tech and IT teams. Drupal is making efforts to deliver an entirely new experience to update content to your content writing team.

The new Drupal version has remote media type support, which further simplifies the integration of YouTube or Vimeo content in your video content. Besides, it has also progressed in terms of usability.

Workspace is a new Drupal module that provides advanced content staging capabilities. The Layout Builder is another Drupal module that helps frontend designers by enabling layouts with dynamic parts, thereby increasing the possibilities for customized design layouts.

Downloading and installing the earlier versions of Drupal were complicated and time-consuming processes. However, with the latest Umami demo profile, you can now enjoy an exceptional experience by installing Drupal in a matter of minutes. It is useful for exhibiting Drupal’s huge potential to prospective clients.

Ending Note

The Drupal CMS can be your valuable business asset as it provides everything to build an impactful business website. Many Drupal development companies worldwide are making efforts to customize Drupal to their clients’ requirements.

If you’re looking to invest in a Drupal web development company, then Drupal India is the right destination for you. We offer a complete suite of Drupal web design and development services and also help our clients grow through innovations with Drupal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What does a Drupal developer do?

Ans. A Drupal developer, also known as a backend Drupal developer, writes a lot of PHP and other server-side languages. The developer writes custom Drupal modules, automated tests, automate deployment, consume web services, etc. A Drupal developer can also help with the advanced side of the theme layer.

Q.2. How much does Drupal website development cost?

Ans. The cost of developing a standard Drupal website with minimal customizations will be approximately $30,000 to $40,000. For developing large Drupal projects with massive custom development, different content types, and complicated workflows, the development cost will go beyond $100,000.

Q.3. Is Drupal good for SEO?

Ans. Drupal is undoubtedly a very powerful content management system that ensures search website optimization with its effective modules. It allows you to control all the page elements leveraging the pre-installed automation tools for SEO, which makes it one of the best SEO-friendly CMSs.

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