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Web development has now become a basic enterprise need to expand its business outreach. Thus, Drupal is extensively admired around the world for creating interactive web solutions in a low code environment.
 Presently, Drupal CMS is used by 1.9% of websites whose CMS we recognize. It makes up 1.3% of total worldwide websites. Drupal 9 is the latest in the series with a modernized digital experience.
 Due to the simplicity of code, modules, and installation, Drupal Console and Drush have become a major attraction in the market. Let’s understand how we can leverage these utilities to speed up your Drupal Web Development.

What is Drush?

Drush stands for Drupal + Shell, which is an original CLI tool for this CMS. Using this tool, you can easily spin your website to streamline administrative and development tasks. 

It has several easy-to-implement commands to help you interact with Drupal themes, modules, and installation. Drush also enables you to perform other functions such as importing/exporting configuration, database updating, caching, contrib modules updating, and more. 

This tool is fully-functioned on Drupal 6/7/8/9 and simplifies development with modern practices. Also, It allows Expert Drupal developers to save time on development and migration. 

What Is Drupal Console?

Creating new modules is always a necessity for web development projects. After the evolution of Drupal 8, the use of boilerplate code to create a new module was obvious. 

Indeed, we can use code copy/paste but it will lead to a lot of errors. Don’t worry! the Drupal console is right here to avoid this hassle. It is a suite of tools that automatically generate boilerplate code and it runs on CLI (Command-line interface). 

It harnesses the potential of Symfony console and other third-party components to help you generate code for creating modules. 

In short, these two tools are the power grid of Drupal CMS to speed up web development and achieve higher developer productivity.  

Moreover, both of the tools are highly compatible with Drupal CMS features that make it a reliable CMS for web development. 

Now when you know that these two tools of Drupal are critical to boosting your website development processes. Let’s understand how you can use them in your project.

Installing Drush  

You can install Drush in several ways, following is the way to install Drush using composer for all projects: 

 Installing the stable Drush 7.x : 

composer global require drush/drush:7.* 


Installing Drush 8.x (dev)(required for Drupal 8): 

composer global require drush/drush:dev-master 

Once you do this, you need to add Drush to your system path by keeping 

export PATH=”$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH”. 


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Installing Drupal Console:  

Installing the Drupal console is a developer-friendly trick. Here are the instructions 

First of all, modify the directory to the Drupal website:

cd /path/to/drupal8.dev 

Now you need to execute the composer require command
 composer require drupal/console:~1.0 \ 

–prefer-dist \ 


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How Is Drupal Console Different from Drush? 

Drupal Console and Drush might seem similar at one glance. However, they are different from each other in many ways. The main difference is the way they have developed, with object-oriented architecture and components of Symfony.
Since Drupal console and Drush both use Symfony components, their functionalities overlap. The major difference is compatibility. When you move from Drush to Console, you will have to rewrite scripts and integrations. But! Drush 7 and Drush8 will be more compatible. 

Moreover, moving from versions of Drupal will also require the rewriting of scripts.

What Can You Do Using Drupal Console? 

This tool offers several commands to create module scaffolding and boilerplate code. The application will ask a number of questions to trigger any command. 

Moreover, files will be developed inside files in case of scaffolding. Also, you decide the naming convention of classes, name spacing, and use statements via command prompt. 

What Can You Do Using Drush? 

It is an incredible shell interface that allows you to manage Drupal from the cloud server command line. You can perform various admin tasks using it by losing any time in coding modules and classes. 

You just have to type one of two commands in the terminal. It eradicated the need for dozens of click and page refreshes in UI and ease down Drupal web development.  

Features of Drupal Console 

Features make Drupal Console a powerful tool to speed up website development. Here take a glance at what commands you can use to easily perform website development operations. 

cache:rebuild      It allows you to rebuild and clear all site caches. 
config:import     It allows you to import configuration to application. 
config:export:content:type  You can export content type and their fields. 
config:export:single       You can export a single configuration as yml file. 
config:debug    It provides a view of the current configuration. 
config:export:view  This command exports view description. 
config:edit  You can edit the selected configuration.  


Features Of Drush 

Drush also has a comprehensive list of command features to make your website development process smooth. Let’s take a glance at them. 

drush features-add  You can add a component to a feature module. 
drush features-components:  It allows you to list features components. 
drush features-diff  It shows the difference b/w default and overridden state of a feature. 
drush features-export  You can export a feature from your site into different modules. 
drush features-list:  You can list all the available features for your site. 
drush features-revert  It enables you to revert to a feature module on site. 

The command list of both Drush and Drupal console is huge. You can use them according to your website development requirements. 

All you need to remember is that these tools provide assistance and command, but you still have to think through the logic for precise application development.


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Wrapping Up

Drupal Console and Drush are major tools that come in the Drupal family. These tools allow you to reduce coding time in creating classes, modules, and components. 

Creating a website with Drupal allows you to save a lot of time in development and you can focus on other things. If you are a Drupal developer, you must leverage this tool to avoid unnecessary hassle.

If you are looking for a Drupal web development service, hire Drupal developers to save time on website development and leverage Drupal’s extensive feature list. 


What is Drush?   

Drush is basically a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal that offers useful commands and generators to reduce coding.  

What is Drupal Console?   

Drupal Console is a tool that generates boilerplate code from CLI and provides Drupal installation.  

 How can I speed up Drupal website development?   

Using Drush and Drupal Console you can speed up website development in Drupal as they provide generated commands and modules.   

Is Drupal website development costly?  

No! Website development isn’t expensive. However, the cost can vary according to the complexity of the projects. 

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