Drupal Education Websites Development

Drupal is a reliable content management platform and an obvious choice for building schools and education websites. This CMS can handle a large number of users coming to perform different activities on a website without any complication. It is far better than the pack of other CMS as it is a treasure of highly-refined software modules that are very important to create a robust and dynamic Drupal Education Website. Drupal features plenty of modules that, when customized build websites satisfying the needs of an educational institute. Let’s take a look at some of the popular modules that hold functionality to build education websites.

1. Features:- It combines and streamlines the whole process of managing the elements of a website like a blog, image galleries, e-commerce stores, and a press room. These elements are very important for running an online education website, and the Features module eliminates all the technical troubles related to handling such elements and thereby ease the burden of the programmers.

2. Media:- This module gives a scalable framework for handling files and multimedia assets. The Media module is quite beneficial for online education websites because it allows them to easily host multiple ranges of multimedia tools, and the framework make sure that such assets won’t affect website performance making visitors annoyed.

3.Panels:- This feature ritch module allows Drupal Education Websites Development team to use the drag-and-drop feature to develop customized layouts for a website. These layouts help in displaying multiple types of content. Drupal has an additional benefit of actively changing and customizing the content display. This feature is something you’re not going to see with other CMSs, which usually provides dull, and unchanging layouts. Panels not only help Drupal for building school websites, but it’s also a good module for every other business website.

4. Views:- Views module allows a developer to organize and display content to the world in multiple ways; this is great for education websites because it gives freedom to do several things like creating lists displaying all assignments a student has completed, that are only accessible to the student who is currently accessing the page with its credentials. It allows teachers and admin department to monitor and schedule everyday classroom tasks. It’s a great module that can be integrated without hesitation and is used by over half a million Drupal websites.

5. Display Suite:- This module allows a developer to fully manage how website content is being displayed using a drag and drop structure without having to work through dozens of template files. All templates are customized to feature in the platform’s unique branding, making the website content always consistent.

Conclusion:- These five modules are some of the most frequently used modules that work very well for educational websites. In addition to that Drupal also offers other modules that are less popular overall but happen to work quite well for education websites. Drupal Web Development For Education is growing at a rapid pace and many institutes, universities and schools are approaching for the platform. Drupal being an Open-Source, secure and trustworthy CMS is making a good impact in the education domain.

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