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Whether it’s an e-commerce website or an organization’s website, if you want maximum visitors your way, you must make use of activities relating to inbound marketing. Unlike traditional marketing activities, these activities aim to bring your potential customers and/or audiences to you (ie your website) rather than you vying for their attention. Let us find out the best ways which can facilitate effective inbound marketing for your Drupal site:

1. Write A Blog: Experts say that a website which is regularly refreshed with new quality content is crawled better in search engine results. Thus, incorporating the blogging functionality to your Drupal Website and maintaining quality blog posts on it, are practices which are highly recommended. Additionally, sharing relevant content with your target audience ultimately leads to an increase in traffic and number of regular visitors. The other thing about quality blog posts is their potential of virality, something which again increases chances of potential audiences to reach you.

2. Use SEO Modules: With suitable SEO Modules, you can ensure that your site is easily indexed by search engines. For instance, the meta tag module allows you to add meta tags for the nodes and views of your Drupal pages, thus, enhancing your website’s search engine optimization. Another important module is the content optimizer module which analyzes the site’s content and provides feedback in terms of how the content can comply with SEO best practices.

3. Use Social Media Modules: With modules such as Share This and Easy Social, you can allow your site visitors to share your content with the rest of the world. Moreover, this sharing feature can be enabled with any kind of content, whether it’s e-commerce products or informational blogs or your online portfolio. Another kind of social media feature that can be enabled in your website is that of allowing web visitors to like your Facebook page or follow your twitter handle from your web itself. For this, Drupal provides a page plugin and Twitter Follow Block module, respectively.

Henceforth, by incorporating and maintaining a regular blog on your site and, using the right SEO and social media modules can prove to be effective inbound marketing methods for your Drupal web, furthermore, getting your web the attention it deserves.

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