According to the official sources now the time has come for Drupal 6 to take rest and it will be on February 24th 2016 when it will reach the end.

It was earlier announced in the Drupal 6 extended support policy that was released 3 months later the release of Drupal 8.

What is The Meaning of End of Life for Drupal 6

  • The first step will be stop of support for Drupal 6, the users will not see any new projects or support to fix the bugs in the running projects and will not find any kind of documentations also.
  • The users of Drupal 6 will not find any kind of security support and suggestions for Drupal 6.
  • The projects that have been created using Drupal 6 will be reported as not supported.
  • The users will not find any kind of updates and the plug-ins may stop working for Drupal 6.

What Should be Done?

Now there are no other options for the users using Drupal 6 other than upgrading to 7 or 8, but it depends on the complexity of your website and functions that you need in your web portal that decides the version of Drupal you need like if you need WYSIWYG editor or views then you need to go for Drupal 8.

Now there is option called Migration path using which Drupal 6 can be directly Upgraded To Drupal 8. Once the migration is completed then you will be receiving complete support. However, it does not mean that you should not upgrade to Drupal 7, it will be provided with complete support.

What About Drupal 6 Site

As per the official statement there will not be any support after February 24th by the company, but there are chances of paid support from some paid vendors and the list of those vendors will be published soon. The best way will be upgradation.

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