What Features Drupal Web Development Offers to Businesses in 2024

Which CMS did you choose for your website on the first go? Because when we talk about websites content remains a crucial part. And you need to get the best CMS to help you. And here we have Drupal. It is one of the most popular features Drupal web development offers to pick. And it has created a strong reputation in the market because of its scalability. Want to more about its features, let’s get started. 

features of Drupal web development for users

What features Drupal web development to users? 

Drupal holds the reputation of being the most famous CMS in the market. Its built-in features offer scalability and advancement to the platform. Drupal shows versatile and flexible features to the CMS. As it can manage complex and larger websites. Features Drupal web development offers support to manage content on websites, blogs, stores, etc. So, it presents support to extend your online presence. 

Drupal 10 features for web development

Drupal 10 features for web development 

Here are some basic features Drupal web development offers: 

Easy content creation 

You can build user-friendly interfaces and word-processing programs. Drupal stands strong on the WYSIWYG and helps to manage website content.  

Multi-language support 

Drupal offers support for more than 100 languages and also offers translations. Plus, users get UI, and content systems, for your translation. 

SEO-friendly features 

You get built-in tools, keywords, metatags, sitemaps, and help to look over the positions.  

Change the website’s layout  

Features Drupal web development helps you easily design the layout of the website. It simply helps drag and drop the coding part. 

Updated security feature  

Drupal security features you get are actively updated. Plus, it has built-in security from brute-force & cross-site attacks. 

Crucial features of Drupal web development 

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Drupal web development to use for websites. 

Scalable features 

Every developer is well aware of the efficiency. Drupal’s efficiency is well-known. Whether the website gets repeatedly visited or the regular peak traffic. And on a timely basis, this feature ensures the faster loading of the websites. Plus, Drupal supports scalability helps to increase the huge tonnes of content. And it becomes the ideal CMS for large and complex websites. 

API support 

Drupal built-in services work as a headless CMS for various applications. So, the CMS supports web protocols REST, JSON: API, GraphQL, and RESTful services. It gets default support to connect and interact with various systems. So, it simplifies the connection and interaction between system points. Plus, it facilitates to creation of functions and applications.  

And, features Drupal web development extensively supports API integration that includes various tech stacks. Drupal remains the perfect platform to create feature-rich functions and helps developers expand as per requirements.  

So, it helps: 

  • build dynamically generated content 
  • synchronizing mobile applications with servers 
  • integrate Drupal with other CRM or DMS systems  

Modern extensions 

If you want to add new features to your website Drupal 10 covers you with various extensions. You can easily modify your website by using the below-mentioned components. Such as various themes and  


These are the plugins to expand the functionalities of Drupal. Also, it helps to improve the existing websites or make new ones. You get views that help to enter the DBMS command even with zero knowledge. Such as you can create data or block and place it on the webpage. So, the blocks can alter as per the content can change as per needs. 


Want to adjust your page as per a particular theme? Drupal supports you in that too. As the features, Drupal web solutions help to customize themes as per your choices. You can hire Drupal web developers for assistance. Or you will get something that matches your business needs. 


You can easily use predefined projects like the JavaScript component, Drush extensions, etc. The Drupal Clean Package Composer Plugin helps to remove any unused files from the packages. 

Multisite websites 

Drupal 10 has been friendly to manage multisites in a unified place. No matter if you want to keep the same layout or design, all they should be is independent. Also, this feature helps enterprises in exceptional ways. Although you can use it in two ways: 

Classic multisite 

In this, the Drupal pages will utilize different configurations and databases. The Configuration Split Drupal module development helps to configure these additions. You can easily determine functions to import via the feature module. 


Features Drupal web development for this model shares the codebase within the different websites. Also, it will help to update the web pages easily. But it’s difficult to separate the features on the pages.  

Layout flexibility

Layout flexibility 

Drupal offers multiple options for creating layouts for the websites. The Olivero theme offers Layout Builder and default front-end themes for you. It helps to create responsive and unique styles intuitively. 

Layout Builder  

One of the best layout styling factors that helps to style layouts for websites and content. You can simply use the drag-and-drop functionality. Plus, it helps to design the page as you want. 


Drupal 10 has a default front-end theme to present to the world. Olivera is the default front-end theme for the latest reason. It presents you with a friendly and latest layout which is responsive. You can hire Drupal web developers for assistance. Olivero theme doesn’t affect the device you choose. It runs smoothly across the websites:  

Also, if you have experience working with WordPress, you will know what the Gutenberg module means. It is user-friendly and customizable to block additions.  

User management 

If you install Drupal the first time, you should create a Super Admin Panel. So, you can manage users and longing permits. The CMS also offers multiple features for this: 

  • It extends permissions for users and administrators. So, they can support the access levels and capabilities for user roles.  
  • Easily create user accounts in multiple ways. Such users are the administrator directly. 
  • User roles are configured with expiration dates. So, it helps to prepare content and manipulate it for the users. 
  • The profile field gets customized to gather information during the registration process.  
  • Features Drupal web development offers excellent user authentication and management features. So, they can easily rest, and manage accounts with multi-factor authentication.  

Conclusion: Drupal is an excellent CMS for modern websites. The features it carries help the developers to integrate multiple functionalities in websites. And above mentioned factors state it all for you. For more consideration, Drupal 10 development company for your projects. 


How Do Websites Using Drupal Operate? 

Drupal was created from the ground up to allow site builders to assign users to handle site administration and content creation.  

How can I use Drupal to administer my website? 

Taking Care of Node Content. On a Drupal website, all content is stored as “nodes” and handled as such. 

Include Content. You may learn how to contribute material to Drupal 8 on this page. 

  • To a content type, add a field. 
  • Make a unique kind of content. 
  • Control the Comments. 
  • Controlling Nodes. 

What is Drupal’s primary purpose? 

Fundamentally, Drupal functions as a content management system (CMS), providing you with the resources to organize and control your material. 

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