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Drupal is one of the most widely used e-commerce development platform. This open-source platform has an array of benefits that make it suitable for creating high-performance, responsive, scalable, and customizable websites. However amazing results it may give, Drupal has a notorious reputation for being hard to set up. Availing a professional Drupal Development Service is the best solution to help you get a website that works perfectly for your requirements. Here are the comprehensive aspects of starting up with this platform:

Installation:- Before beginning the installation process, a domain name and a hosting service have to be chosen for the website. Following this, the actual installation process can be started. Drupal comes in two versions, Drupal 7 and 8. The desired version is to be downloaded and its files extracted and then uploaded to the server. A database has to be created before running the installation script. The entire installation process needs to be handled by expert developers. At Drupal India, we carry out the installation process in a smooth and streamlined manner.

Configuration:- Configuration refers to the collection of admin settings which are used to determine the functioning of the website. It includes the key configuration data such as the website name, content types, views, fields, taxonomy vocabularies, and more. The complete configuration of the active site is stored in the database by default. Managing of site configuration includes its export and import, which is done using the Configuration Manager core module. Our services include effective configuration management to ensure a synchronized workflow.

Customization is one of the key features that this platform offers. This feature provides the flexibility for the creation of a tailor-made website with customized themes and modules. Drupal has thousands of built-in themes that are meant for diverse requirements. The theme needs to be chosen in such a manner that it defines the vision of the website as well as has a simple, responsive design. With the expert guidance of a seasoned developer, you can decide your requirements and have a website designed accordingly. The customization process also includes the creation of custom blocks, fields, widgets, content, and more and their addition to the custom modules.

At Drupal India, we offer end-to-end services and support for the development of a feature-rich and high-performance website. Hiring Drupal Developers will enable you to get an excellent business website that matches your requirements and expectations.

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