A Comprehensive Guide On How To Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer

If you’re planning to hire Drupal developer for your upcoming Drupal project, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we shall discuss some amazing tips on how to find the right Drupal developer and accelerate your new business venture!  

What is the significance of hiring a Drupal developer?  

Hiring a dedicated team of expert Drupal developers is a common challenge faced by major companies today. Nevertheless, with the entire hiring process getting tougher, every business wants the best talents. Especially in the Drupal community and other open-source industries. 

While there are varied Drupal agencies with developers working with them, for Drupal, the challenge is to narrow down and find the right partners to match your organizational goals. Therefore, we have curated a list of things to consider while hiring a developer for your Drupal 9 development project:   

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Hands-on experience with Drupal websites  

Drupal 9 development is much more than coding. It’s also about having an in-depth understanding of the Drupal platform and its entire ecosystem. Therefore, choose a Drupal programmer with hands-on experience working with various Drupal websites. It ensures they are well-versed with any challenges coming on their way to development.  

Great communication skills  

For a professional experience, your Drupal developers must communicate clearly with your entire team, especially if you are hiring an expert who will work remotely. Therefore, find someone who can express their ideas in an easy-to-understand way, and listen closely when others speak too. Remember the goal is to make your vision clear and convert it into reality.  

Attention to details  

Drupal 9 development demands a lot of attention to detail because numerous things go into building a Drupal website and failing to which can disrupt the entire development cycle. To create an outstanding user experience, do not compromise on the expertise of your Drupal developer.  

Troubleshooting skills  

Your Drupal developers must have the skills to solve bugs and errors quickly and effectively to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, make sure to ask them about the challenges faced by them in their past custom Drupal solutions and how they addressed those issues.  

Team player  

One of the common mistakes that businesses make to hire Drupal developers is looking for a professional who can do only what’s asked out of them. A well-versed Drupal developer must have the hunger to work well with the entire team and take feedback, and criticism positively.  

Well-versed with Git  

Git refers to a version control system that makes it easier for Drupal developers to work on the same project without getting in each other’s way. If your Drupal developer isn’t familiar with Git, they will end up creating problems. When multiple people are working on one site at once, things may get disrupted, which often happens in a single work culture.  

What are the skills required to identify the best Drupal developer

What are the skills required to identify the best Drupal developer?  

Your Drupal project will encounter various tasks that may require more than one skill set. If your Drupal partner fails to handle the requirements, it may pose a severe threat to the development cycle.   

Therefore, consider the experience levels of the team you want to hire. How long have they worked on Drupal? How familiar are they with the previous versions of this CMS? Some of the other crucial skill sets include:  

  • Drupal theming: It refers to the feature of changing the appearance of your Drupal website by modifying its templates. A professional Drupal theme can help create a design that matches your vision, and also meets all of your requirements for accessibility and great responsive designs.   
  • Coding standards: For great modules and themes to become compatible with each other, they need to get coded using the same standards. A developer must get familiar with best practices in coding to ensure that your website is stable and highly secure.  
  • Drupal module development: Modules refer to small pieces of code that can get added to your Drupal website.   

Things to ask a Drupal developer before hiring them

Things to ask a Drupal developer before hiring them 

Before looking for a Drupal developer, get a brief idea about your website’s expectations. The best way to start is by creating a checklist of your requirements to ensure you find a development partner who can deliver all of them:  

  • Types of content on your website: Whether you want to add blogs, podcasts, videos, or contact information on your website, decide which navigation structure will best suit your preferences. Also, it includes the main navigation categories and sub-categories for individual classes.  
  • Features and functionalities: Are you planning to add a shopping cart, registration form, or blog comments? Make sure to enlist all the features that are crucial for your business website.   
  • Website updates: Although it’s not mandated to update your website every day, make sure to change and add new content. It helps you determine whether or not a developer can fulfill your requirements in terms of updating the website regularly, and making changes to the existing pages.  
  • Budget: Before getting started with the development process, get a price quote to narrow down your search for a development partner.   
  • Create a requirement document: Make sure that you find the Drupal web developers who can deliver the website of your dreams. To achieve it, document your requirements to share them with the team. It helps them understand your goals and address them strategically.  


If you’re looking for a Drupal developer, we hope this guide addressed all your queries. But if you are longing for more answers, you’ve, our assistance. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the best Drupal developer according to your needs and budgets.  

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How to hire a Drupal developer?  

Here are a few things you can do to hire Drupal developer for your upcoming projects:  

  • Skill sets  
  • Communication skills  
  • Work environment  
  • Drupal community participation  
  • Support and maintenance  
  • Third-party integration  

What does a Drupal developer do?  

A Drupal developer is responsible for working with PHP and other server-side languages regularly. They help create custom modules, run automated tests, use web services, and deploy software with all the sophisticated aspects.  

What is the best way to hire dedicated developers?  

Here are a few things to know before hiring a Drupal developer:  

  • Identify your business needs  
  • Hire dedicated developers from the right platform  
  • Check their domain knowledge  
  • Communication skills  
  • The support of dedicated professionals 

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