Acquia Lightning Empowers Drupal

Acquia, the digital experience company has recently launched an open-source distribution that speeds the development process of a Drupal 8 website upto 20%. Known for its enterprise products and technical support services for the Drupal platform, the company has launched Acquia Lightning, which aims to accelerate the Drupal 8 Development process and also enable website owners/authors to enjoy advanced authoring experiences. The Drupal distribution makes use of a lightweight framework and a number of modules contributed by the Drupal community and Acquia, to make this possible.

Let us now look at the significant features rendered by the freeware distribution:

Faster Development:- 
The earlier challenges of creating a Drupal content-rich website have been solved by the use of Acqia Lightning, helping developers to build such websites with speed.

Automated Tests:- With automated tests, Drupal Developers can implement website integrations continuously and achieve faster results.

Drag and Drop Layout:- Developers and content authors can form content layouts with drag-and-drop tools.

Media Management:- Multimedia and social media content can easily be embedded by content authors.

Workflow Configuration:- 
Website owners can easily configure workflows for content production that include vital steps such as content reviewing and approval from multi authors and editors.

Easy Content Management:- The host of features provided by Acquia Lightening make way for easy content management, even for non-technical users.

With the aforementioned features, Acquia Lightning is set to be of great advantage to website owners and developers, alike. Moreover, it is worthy to note that the freeware distribution can be installed and maintained on your website with ease by an accomplished Drupal Developer.

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