Build an Accessible Website with Drupal CMS for Business Engagement

Every website owner looks for different means to engage as many visitors as possible. But few take the key measures to ensure their website can be used by everyone. There are millions of users who prefer websites being accessible, and if their needs are being ignored, everyone will be missing out. Luckily accessibility isn’t difficult to implement. You just have to address the below mentioned issues that can make a site hard to use by certain people. Once you perform this, you can take key steps to resolve those mistakes and make your website welcoming to all visitors.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what website accessibility actually comprises and why it’s so essential. We’ll also outline the important accessibility guidelines that Drupal Development Services implement on their client website. Let’s get going!

5 Ways to Make Your Drupal Website Accessible

1. Make Site Keyboard-Friendly

This is important and a website must work without the use of a mouse. This is important many users & assistive technologies rely on keyboard navigation only. This includes accessing all pages, links, content, and so on. The most common means of exploring is with the Tab key. This will jump between different sections on a page which includes links, buttons, and forms. Therefore, make a website responsive to ensure that all web content and navigation is smoothly accessed using Tab.

2. Hearing Impairments Accommodation

There are numerous transcripts available to make media more accessible for users.

• Basic transcripts are a textual version of the speech and non-speech audio records. It is required to learn about the content.

• Descriptive transcripts include visual details that are needed by people who are deaf-blind and others.

• Interactive transcripts mean intuitive tools for media consumption. It should not be confused with captions.

3. Use Headers for Correct Content Structure

Another major job to make your website accessible is content structuring by using headers carefully. You can Hire Drupal Developers to perform this job in a more systematic manner. Doing structuring make your content much easier to understand and learn and improves navigation.

In addition, streamlined headers also aid screen readers interpret your web pages. This makes it much easier to offer in-page navigation and you only need to ensure you use the correct heading levels in your content. For example you should only use one H1 per page. This can be followed by subheadings starting with H2, which can be further with H3, followed by H4. These should always be used in order for user engagement.

4. Design Smooth Forms

Forms are an important addition to most websites but must be designed in a careful manner. What’s most important is to verify that each field is properly labeled. You must place the labels adjacent to the specific fields. While a sighted user can smoothly match a label to the corresponding field, this may not be obvious for someone having a screen reader. You should also provide instructions in a clear manner that the user can simply learn.

5. SEO Benefit

Reaching people with some sort isn’t the only benefit. It also paves the way to build accessibility into your Drupal digital strategy. Besides, your website also enjoys SEO benefit. Alt text, alt text tags with accessibility implementation will assists you up for good SEO practices. The response received from the visitors also impacts the overall SEO performance. Building an accessible website means it will reduce the bounce rates to improve the overall website performance. In other words, by making an accessibility-friendly website, you are highly optimized for search engines. Thus, alongside SEO, let accessibility be given complete importance while building your website.

Wrapping Up

The best websites are based on Drupal, and to be more profitable and robustly growing, you’ll need to include and closely adhere to the points mentioned above. Accessibility cannot be ignored and need to be implemented straight from the ground. If you are building a website or already have one which is not accessibility compliant, contact us, our experts will guide you the way you want it to be approached. If you own a website and not getting desired business results, make sure you opt for a reputed Drupal Migration Services from a reputed web development agency. They will offer innovative solutions to make sure your business reaches new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make my content accessible?

• Writing for Web Accessibility
• Provide informative, unique page titles
• Use headings to convey meaning and structure
• Make link text meaningful
• Write meaningful text alternatives for images
• Create transcripts and captions for multimedia
• Provide clear instructions
• Keep content clear and concise

2. What is accessible content?

Improving the accessibility of content is about reducing basic barriers to comprehension, such as providing alternative text for images, so that those who cannot see the images can grasp their meaning.

3. How can I improve the accessibility of my website?

• Structure and organize with headers
• Assign alt tags for images
• Use descriptive title for links
• Use colors carefully
• Design forms for web accessibility
• Use tables for tabular data
• Ensure site navigation via a keyboard
• Turn dynamic content into accessible content

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