Make A Drupal Website User-Centric

A Drupal website always catches the attention of users, thanks to its smooth navigation, flexibility, and seamless user experience. More small, mid-size, and large companies are choosing Drupal as their CMS system for its powerful, secure, and scalable features. Also, the platform has a huge number of available modules that help Drupal website owners to implement any feature to enhance their business requirements and user experience. Its benefits make Drupal fine-tuned in order to improve the performance and site speed.

The Importance of Website Speed

There are many benefits of increasing website speed, but the two most crucial ones are:

  • The search engines like Google hate websites running slowly. They prefer websites with enhanced user experience. If you fail to impress the search engines, your website will lack behind in the race of millions of websites competing to get at the top.
  • Few of the visitors may wait for a few seconds until your page loads, but that won’t happen for every visitor. Time is money for every business and according to a survey, 11% drop in sales occur when the website loading time exceeds by 500 milliseconds!

How to Optimize Drupal Website Performance?

Here is the list of top things you can do while developing a Drupal website:

Build a Robust Project Plan

Before you start working on your Drupal website with the help of your developers, put your journey and destination clear in your mind. Make strategies, set your goals, and prepare for the plans. This exercise will help you analyze the weak points and eliminate them in the development process. Considering the complex nature of custom Drupal theme, a well-executed development plan can help you avoid getting stuck in the development journey.

User Experience

Users are the utmost priority for any business, and to make an impressive sale business, your customers need to browse through your website/app to get through. Therefore, to develop the best Drupal website, a flawless user experience is a must. It is very significant to determine a user-friendly approach to make the Drupal custom development a success.

Use Drupal Modules

To enhance the potential of your Drupal support and maintenance you may need the Drupal modules to attain certain feature-rich functionalities of the website. Currently, there are 42,650 free Drupal modules available for download. Therefore, you know now the success of your Drupal theme development process depends highly on customized and optimized modules. The aim of these modules is to deliver flexibility, time efficiency, and meet the ever-evolving demands of the business and users.

Take One Step at a Time

Many business owners feel anxious to work slowly on their development projects. As a result, they end up skipping the major steps that could enhance their website’s visibility and performance rate. Therefore, experts suggest focusing on realistic milestones and achieving them one by one. It will help boost your confidence and productivity rate while developing a flawless Drupal website for your business.

Add Brand Identity to the Plan

Today, most customers get attracted to the brand identity on online platforms. So, if you are also wondering what makes the giant branded company’s websites attract more customers – it’s their perfection in everything they do.

UI/UX design brings comfort to the visitor and makes them feel in control and safe while browsing such websites. Customer trust is the key element to winning your audience and creating a brand out of it. So, create thoughtfully executed design elements to add to your website that will improve conversion rate and minimize the bounce rate of your website.

Also, you can build trust in customers by creating a style guide with color palettes and basic typography. Hire Drupal developers in India who are well-versed with these techniques and can help you experiment with new design elements to attract more customers.

Website Security

One of the most powerful features of Drupal is its security protocols. Therefore, most professional developers choose the Drupal CMS platform for their custom development projects. While working on the Drupal development project, make sure you maintain and manage the threats on the Drupal online platform with the highest level of expertise. Also, the updates must upscale the Drupal security along with maintaining the Drupal custom development.


On the journey of your Drupal custom development projects, there will come many instances in which you may require a lot of breaking and fixing of requirements. Therefore, hire developers who are a pro at debugging to avoid any friction with the team or the client. Drupal web developers hold the expertise of debugging any instance and successfully complete their development project hassle-freely.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have discussed the must-haves of any Drupal project. If you are looking for a professional Drupal developer who can help you meet the demands and expectations of your business with their website, we are here to help. Our team understands the importance of a successful, mobile-friendly website, and therefore, we leave no stone unturned to make the ends meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Drupal mobile-friendly?

Yes. Apart from being mobile-friendly, this CMS platform also allows content editors to control the site from mobile devices. They can easily make changes to their website and intuitively work on the small screens of their mobile phones.

2. Does Drupal offer an API?

Every version of Drupal introduces a new API and keeps only a few of the previous versions of APIs to provide an overview of all the key APIs on every launch of a new version.

3. Is Drupal a database?

Drupal’s database abstraction layer provides a unified database query API to inquire about various underlying databases. It is built upon PHP’s PDO database API and inherits most of its syntax and semantics for smooth functioning.

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