Drupal can be considered to be the closest WordPress competitor when it comes to Content Management System (CMS) for many reasons. If you look at various web portals developed using Drupal then you will observe that they have better performance than other platform used portals. Today this is the big reason that many developers are bending towards Drupal Development.

Below given are some of the modules that makes Drupal favorites of the developers:

Backup and Migrate:- Let your website be developed in the strongest content management system but every developer wants the option where the whole portal can be taken back up and then moved. This module can be customized to back up and restore.

Context:- Normally a website will have a uniform look but certain pages will be highlighted or displayed in different manner to get the attention. Drupal has a module by name context that can be customized to achieve this and show different controls in different ways in a website. This feature is not there in the core Drupal system and that is the reason Drupal Module Development is in huge demand today.

Delta:- Delta is one of the most amazing modules for Drupal where admin gets the option to configure themes on different pages or controls based on context or node types. This feature is widely used to highlight a group of controls like sign in page.

Display Suite:- Page layout in Drupal is something that is very tricky for the admin because Drupal shows the complete content in boxes and nodes. During such situation Drupal Customization India team uses module called Display suite that uses template files to create more attractive and interesting layout for the web pages.

There are many other free and paid Drupal Modules that are used to customize the features offered by the Drupal to enhance the performance and look of the website.

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