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If you are associated with a publishing industry, you might have heard that Drupal 8 is the most useful CMS for the publishers. Its earlier version Drupal 6 & 7 were also exceptional and with 8 it has become more advanced. Combined with innovative community-contributed modules, Drupal 8 is a perfect platform for the publishers yet. We have mentioned five features in Drupal 8 that are very helpful for publishing.

1. Workflows:- Customization of the content is important for the quality when you have different authors across diverse platforms. Drupal 8 has addressed this with the streamlined Workflow and Content Moderation modules. Your CMS workflow must be compatible with your internal publishing workflow. Hire Drupal Developer to automate the manual processes that you currently own. This is a great example of getting your CMS to perform some important tasks.

2. Smooth Integrations:- Drupal is a great framework to perform integrations work. In the publishing industry, a lot of integrations are required. Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, Sales-force and Double click for Publishers are some of the popular integrations. Fast and efficient integration makes Drupal Development job easy. Many other popular CMS and site-builders are not proficient to the available integration options. Drupal is an open framework that can be custom-built to do just about anything you want.

3. Content Management:- Managing content is important to a successful publishing site. Drupal 8 inherits the functionality of its earlier version and make some necessary changes in it as well. Custom tools are available that can be used to build admin pages for any sort of content you wish. You can even build an admin screen for niche requirements. You can fine-tune the access and permissions for the editors, authors, and admins you have. These features are available in Drupal 8 as inbuilt.

4. Asset Handling:- Like content management, handling of the asset in Drupal 8 is fantastic. Assets are managed in the way content is. Images, video, and other files are important assets, and in addition to that, you can also develop some relevant assets like tweets or social posts. Custom libraries are simple to create that are restricted to particular assets. This is a huge benefit for people having publishing website.

5. Web Services:- Drupal 8 comes with Web Services API in the core. In simple terms, a web service is a channel to send your content from Drupal to a native app. This can begin a “publish once distribute everywhere” concept. For publishers, it is essential for content management and efficiency. Besides the predefined Web Services API, numerous modules like JSON API and GraphQL are also integrated within Drupal 8. These web services give Drupal platform a feature to communicate with the JavaScript framework.

Wrapping Up:- With these 5 incredible features, it is not difficult to say that Drupal 8 is the most reliable and popular CMS for website development. Drupal 8 has a great content management package, it is a perfect platform for a successful publishing site. The predefined features of Drupal 8 save time and money of the users. If you are a publisher who is regularly struggling with your website, it’s the time to give a try to Drupal 8.

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